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A resume is a document that summarizes your professional qualities and qualifications, which includes job experience, abilities, education, and achievements; this helps to convince companies that you are qualified and that they should hire you. A good resume will make you 35% more hirable. Read Our review and see what kind of services they provide.

The word “résumé” comes from the French word “summary.” A resume’s objective is to offer employers a summary of your relevant qualifications.

A professional resume can lead you to your dream job in this world of competition. A prospective employer is likely to not consider you as a qualified candidate for the job offer if you don’t make a good first impression and move on to other applicants who have better resumes; consider your resume as a tool to market yourself.

Resume Writing Services

Many resume writing services in the market help you make a professional resume according to your need and qualification. Some are fraudulent; some do not work correctly, while others are good to consider. provide you with a professional who’ll write your resume. Some websites even offer LinkedIn makeovers.

Top Resume Website website is well built; the front page you see when you open the website is a link to get your resume reviewed for free, which is a great branding technique.

There is a lot of information on the website, which is a good thing. They’ve guaranteed that your interviews will get doubled, which sounds like an exaggeration.

There are no mentions of the headquarters, but there is a contact us option that you can use for your queries. There are some FAQ solutions as well, which are good writers. For example, what are the benefits of a professionally written resume? And what is the resume writing process etc.?

Overall, the website is attractive and catchy.


There are four testimonials given on the website, where you can find old and new resumes of all the people and discover how top resumes helped them get an interview.

They mentioned proper keywords, highlighting job skills according to the job requirement, crafting a professional summary and career goals, etc.

All these testimonials look fraudulent because the contact information, including email or linked in, is fake. You can’t open these pages; you can only zoom in, and some of the information on the before resume does not match the after resume.

Popularity is pretty popular. There are thousands of reviews on various websites like trust pilot, site jabber, BBB, etc.

The website has a lot of users, and it is popular in many countries.


There are three different prices for different work experience levels.

Junior Level:

This is for people with 0-3 years of work experience. Junior level costs $79, and they promise to provide three revisions and personal engagement.


this is for experienced professionals and mid-level managers. It costs $99; the only addition mentioned on the website is the 60-days interview guarantee, which means if you don’t get an interview within 60 days, they will rewrite your resume.


The executive-level costs $149 for higher management professionals and executives, and there is nothing additional mentioned. But as per the reviews, they provide a LinkedIn makeover at the executive level.


If we look at some of the most trusted review websites, Trustpilot has a 4.2 rating for this website; site jabber also has a 4.2 rating, while better business bureau has a 1.5 rating.


The top resume has several reviews on many sites; some are good, and some are terrible. Many people found it very useful and ended up getting an interview, while others had to rewrite their resumes.

People have mentioned how terrible the return policy is and revision of resumes can take days, while other people are pleased with their experiences.

Reasons Why There Is This Fluctuation

As I read all the reviews, I tried to understand the whole concept of the fluctuation of the reviews either people were pleased with the service or very mad. This is because there are many types of employees.

The whole system of this is not great, for example, the return policy, contacting, etc. But if you are lucky enough, you are provided with a good resume expert who will work on your cv properly.

If you look at Quora and better business bureau, they have some terrible comments on the website stating how they never got the revised version of their resume or a refund, or even a contact after the first draft.

There is also a limit period after which you can’t for a rewrite, which is not mentioned on the website, and some of the employees ghost you during that period, so they don’t have to work again.

Some resumes are just copy-paste of the past resume; sometimes, they don’t even chat or call to know your profession and achievements in detail.

Our Rating

We give website a 2.5 out of 5. As I mentioned earlier, it depends on your luck, and the probability of getting a good writer is only half.

Our Verdict is not wrong if you get a good writer who helps you and guides you to know yourself better for the resume. The only thing that we don’t find charming is the work culture. Their freelance writers only get a minimal amount of what you’ve paid, and less paid workers often don’t work correctly, and as they are writing the resume, they should be adequately paid; if a person has a problem with the service, they’ll not get paid at all.


Depending on your position and goals, paying for your resume may or may not be a worthwhile investment in your career; you may receive job offers in a shorter period, but hazards are involved.

We believe that, in general, resume writing services are not worth the money and effort; you’ll spend time and money, but no one understands your strengths and weaknesses better than you.

To flourish in future interviews, you’ll want to improve the exposure of initiatives, experiences, and talents that are your most excellent fit.

As a result, you’ll spend time expressing these details with the individual who will write your resume across numerous revisions while also investing money; hence, the resume will take longer than if you made it yourself.

We recommend learning the fundamentals of resume writing via publications, blogs, and YouTube videos before crafting your resume.

There’s a good possibility you’ll lose money and end up with substandard or no outcomes.

However, if you are still interested in using the services of professional resume writing websites, you should go for it. You can also try freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork; as you’ll be paying the amount directly, they’ll work more efficiently.

Our Verdict – 2.5/5

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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