The Habit Burger Review

The Habit Burger Review

The Habit Burger was founded in 1969 November 15th in Santa Barbara country, as a family owned business in California. The founder of Habit Burger is Brent Reichard who nearly after half a century of proudly preparing patties become a success story nationwide. The business was also co owned by his brother named Bruce Reichard.

What Basically Is a Burger?

A dish consisting of a flat round bread which is generally stuffed with minced stuffing of vegetables or meat that is then fried or grilled and added with a lot of spices and herbs and other toppings that enhances the flavours.

What Is the Habit Burger Known For?

The Habit Burger is originally known for its outstanding and one of the best hamburgers all around America and has been voted as one of the best burger available in town.

The burgers are freshly made with all the toppings and stuffing made keeping in mind all the necessary hygiene to be maintained. The burgers breads are also freshly made and all the sauces that are added on to enhance the flavour are free from harmful ingredients.

Everything you need to know:

The Habit Burger has a variety of options available in their menu from, which the visitors can decide from. The menu basically consists of the following items available everyday which are freshly made and baked without any compromise in quality and quantity.

The menu consists of the following items available:-

  1. Santa Barbara Char
  2. Char burgers
  3.  Sandwiches
  4. Salads
  5. Kids
  6. Frozen Items
  7. Sidings
  8. Family Bundles
  9. Drinks.

All the items are freshly made and have a variety of more sub options available to choose from according to, the taste and preferences of the customers. The toppings and sauces are further customised according to the preferences of the buyers.

The Habit Burgers lays out a variety of options to choose from, without any compromise in the quality of the product. One must visit the outlets to know further about the burgers which, they sell out there.

The drinks section which is available there contains all types of drinks for all the variety of visitors that visits irrespective of them, being health conscious or foodies., The drinks sections has all types of drinks to satisfy each and every ones individual taste and needs.

The kids sections have some sort of complementary gifts available along to put a smile on the face of the little ones.

The frozen treats are packed in such a specific manner that allows the product to last long and even stay fresh.

All the burgers are top selling as all the burgers have different toppings and fillings and each and every burger is unique in its own ways.


The product is not at all highly charged as the quality which is being provided is worth the price and this goes for all the sections of product which is being sold there.

The product is worth each and every penny one gives there as the food is made without any compromise in quality and quantity.

Ambiance and Decoration:

The outlets are made with very simple interiors and have a nice sitting area with greenery from all sides that actually enhances the beauty. The outlet is open for all types of visitors without any sort of discriminations being made.


The Habit Burger is now known worldwide for its amazing burgers and sidings and has been voted the best in all parameters. The burgers and all the other eatery items which are being sold there are freshly made and have very nominal charges for the same as well which generally does not pinches anyone pockets.


The service of The Habit Burger is beyond excellent with zero negative reviews till date.

Customer Review:

There has been till date zero negative review.


The Habit Burger is a very old chain of burgers outlet running successfully since decades.

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