10 Best Payment Gateways Other Than PayPal

10 Best Payment Gateways Other Than PayPal: Best Alternative

A payment gateway is a software application that many merchants and service providers use to process payments for online purchases directly linked with the merchant’s website. It is the most common way for merchants to connect to the payment system. PayPal is one such payment gateway used worldwide to operate online payments in most countries. PayPal was founded in December 1998, with Elon Musk being one of the founding members. This payment gateway facilitates payments for almost 30 million businesses and has nearly 400 million active users.

But there are many alternatives to PayPal for their work and businesses. The most important things to look for in a payment gateway are security, cost, customer service, and integrational availability. A good payment gateway charges a very small transaction fee, manages the merchant’s business, has easy documentation, and controls all the risks associated with online transactions. So here, I have got you the 10 best payment gateways other than PayPal.   

   1) WEPAY

Wepay was launched in 2008 and is owned by JP Morgan Chase. This payment gateway is good for bank transfers and crowdfunding. It is mainly used in the US, UK, and Canada.

The headquarter of wepay is in San Jose, a major technological hub in California, united states.

Wepay provides a chat support system for customers’ queries.

It comes with a free trial option and a free version for users.

Features: accepts payment in multiple mediums

               (mobile payment, online payment, in-person payments)

             * Credit card and debit card processing

             * has a cloud-based POS (point of sale) system

             *ACH payment processing

Pricing: Customers are charged 2.9% and $0.03 on every transaction.

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad

Advantages: no additional setup and hidden costs

Disadvantages: only suitable for large business transactions


Authorize.net is the best payment gateway for small businesses. It was founded in 1996. Authouize.net accepts all electronic and credit card payments. It also integrates with various accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero, providing much more flexibility.

· Authorize.net is a subsidiary company, and its headquarter is in Foster City, CA

· Features: *Processes card and ACH payments for companies            

                * provides solutions for small and medium companies

             * offers advanced fraud protection suits

        *provides recurring billing/ subscription similar to paypal.

             *has simple checkout options

Pricing: Monthly gateway- $25 + Per transaction 2.9%+ 30¢

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad

Advantages: *free setup

                   *many payment options are available

                   *mail and phone payments are available.

                   * Retail payment options

Disadvantages: no free trial available


Another best payment gateway other than pay PayPal is stripe. Stripe was founded in 2010. It allows your business to process credit and debit cards. It also powers transactions of some of the biggest brands, including Pinterest and blue apron. The company claims that almost 90% of all credit cards have been processed on stripe networks at some point.

· Stripe is an Irish American company whose headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland

· Features: * automated clearing house transactions both online and offline

             * serves as a payment gateway and a third-party payment processor.

        * powerful API

             *Multiple currency payments are allowed

             * provides accounts integration

             *consolidated reports and unified payouts

Pricing: 2.9%+ 30¢ per successful card charge

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad/web-based

Customers: small and medium business

Advantages: *easy to use API

                   *Supports 135+ currencies and payment methods

· Disadvantages: *no free trial available

                                       *limited functionality for retail and personal payments.


2checkout payment gateway provides you the global payments with a localized buying experience.

· The country of origin of 2checkout in Georgia

· Features: * offers fraud prevention to the highest level possible

             * integration with many shopping carts

             * comes with a free app

             * allows 15 languages and 26 currency payments

             * multiple payment methods

             * comes with an account updater and customized subscription plan.

             * Level 1 PCI

             * recurring billing

· Pricing: 3.5% +$0.35 per successful sell

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

· Apps: android/ iphone/iPad/ web-based/ desktop

Advantages: it allows you to use it in your language and can be personalized with customized checkout options and subscription plans.

Disadvantages: no free trial, and it is a bit costly.


Amazon pay is the best option for all of you already selling your products on Amazon. It allows users to make payments directly with their Amazon credentials without putting their credit card info again, giving users a much better experience. And It is very quick and instant, making it much more popular among users. It was launched in 2007.

· Its headquarter is in the US

· Features: * automated payments

        * direct integration with merchants’ website

             * offers fraud protection

        *inline checkouts

· Pricing: *web and mobile- 2.9% and $0.03 on every transaction.

             * Alexa- 4% and $0.03

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad/desktop/web-based

Advantages: *easy to use

                               *provides a platform for small businesses

· Disadvantages: *no free trial

                                       * high-interest rates


PayPal owns Braintree, but it is another payment gateway you can use as a merchant on your website. It is available in most countries. Braintree is also cheaper than stripe and PayPal, becoming one of the better options for you. The difference between PayPal and Braintree is that it aims at high-level businesses that need greater control over the payment processes. In contrast, PayPal is easy to use and has a simple design for merchants with small and modest e-commerce websites.

· The origin country of Braintree is the United States

· Features: * works on a global scale

             * allows in-store payment

         * accepts multiple payment methods, including paypal

        *high level of data security

             *enterprise plug-ins

             * recurring billing

Pricing: 1.9%+ €0.03 per card transaction and 1.99%+ $0.49 per VISA transaction

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ ios

Advantages: offers you a great experience with various customizable payment options and provides similar features of paypal and stripe.

Disadvantages: asks for manual card details every time you make a new payment.


This payment gateway can work for all sizes of businesses. It has multiple channels for payment, similar to google pay: payment through the app, in-store payments, and payment through the merchant’s website. Ayden has many successful customers, from Uber to eBay to Spotify. It gives its customers reliability and accessibility in exchange for a very reasonable rate and charges $0.12 per purchase.

· Origin country: united states

· Features: * comes with risk management features

             * allows multiple payment options, including in-store payments

             * recurring payments on a single click

        *personalized experience for local buyers

             * global reach

Pricing: 3.93%+$0.12

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ Iphone/iPad/ web-based

Advantages: can combine different payment options and offer multiple payment methods.

Disadvantages: no free trial


Skirl was founded in 2001 and is best for online transactions worldwide. Online payments for some of the selected retailers are free in skirl. It also charges a withdrawal fee of almost $6.5. Skrill is open for personal use for free.

· Features: * supports multiple currencies(38)

             * high security and fraud protection

             * fast integration

        *single touch payments

             *multiple payment options

             *improved conversion rates

Pricing: 3.99% to exchange rate

Documentation: minimum level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad

Advantages: comes with a digital wallet feature that provides chargeback protections. A single account can manage five different currencies

· Disadvantages: charges very high transaction fee


Propay is an old payment gateway established in 1997. It is best for online payments and developers and direct product-selling companies. PROPAY is suitable for small businesses that want to collect customers. It also works across borders in 180 countries and supports 35 currencies. It can accept payment from anywhere worldwide and accepts payments in all forms.

 Origin country:

· Features: * fast and easy signup

             * free linked with MasterCard prepaid

             * works across borders in 180 countries and allows 35 currencies

        *accepts all the major cards


             *Secure storage of customer card

Pricing: annual fee $69.95, VISA 3.35%+ $0.00, and Mastercard 3.35%+$0.00

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad

Advantages: fast and easy signup, which only takes 10 mins. Ready to accept card payments anytime with a very low annual account fee.

· Disadvantages: there is no contract term


It is one of the best online payment solutions other than paypal, established in 2005. It processes payments all over the globe serving almost 200 countries worldwide. One can do direct online transfers across borders. It also supports local and domestic entrepreneurs and provides services to small businesses, freelancers, and contractors.

Features: * allows simple and mass payout

             * supports multiple currencies

             * easy fund withdrawals

        *allows integrated payments

             *Accepts all online payments and bank-to-bank transfers

Pricing: $29.95 for every 12 months

Documentation: medium level of documentation required

Apps: android/ iphone/iPad/web-based

Advantages: it charges zero fees for transactions between two Pioneer customers.

Disadvantages: customer service takes a long time to resolve the issues.

In short, these are the best 10 payment gateways besides paypal that you can use for your work and business. There are more than 100 payment solutions worldwide, but one must choose one wisely for their business after doing proper research because every company has different requirements. I hope this was helpful to you.

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