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Suspicious or Safe? Restofinisher the Quick Solution or Is It?

Living in the 21st century everything has become very fast forward, as the saying goes Time is Money nowadays there is no time to laze around we want what we want and we want it to be better, more modernized giving us the perfect result. Technology has corrupted and evolved us in such a way that patience is now a word that has become underrated. As long as it doesn’t make us benefit and capable from our situation we incline to overlook it. Let us check if Restofinisher is one of them.

One of the most negative and disheartening aspect about this notion is that we don’t even realize it, we just keep demanding things to get much more easier and sufficient which is not bad until it makes us a fool and keeps demeaning us from our own capabilities. Well given the factor it actually doesn’t matter specially in an metropolitan and wide raced city is just another objective that is to be shrugged off.  

But what cannot be overlooked here is the number of cons and scams increasing day by day due this persona. If not anything this supposition has always hyped up people to see things in a much more clearer view, because getting scammed and duped is something people tend to be ashamed of. Though we want things to be as quick as they can be we don’t want to appear bamboozled and deceived by our own lack of awareness. Hence the reason if any such cases appear it spreads like wildfire among people and the mass. One such case that is now currently the hot topic ‘if someone consider going through it’ that is Restofinisher. And unique wood finisher that restores wood furniture while blending out minor scratches, blemishes and abrasions. This is what the products site claims. In short Restofinisher is a product having it’s own site which asserts “to restore faded, worn wood to brand new in minutes”. Such an delighting offer but the question here that arises is that why are there so many complaints about it?  why the site is accused to be suspicious? and if its really of an big deal then why is it still unknown among people?  Let’s go through it shall we? 

What Is Restofinisher? Why Is It Needed?

Now who doesn’t like to have a polished home, a clean house looking brand new and posh? all of us crave for it. We don’t think twice before considering this given opportunity; why should we? if it’s doing us good, benefiting us and that too within a limited amount of money. In our every day life, house chore, maintaining of the house is something we all thrive upon specially if it’s a family we consider relating to. Because an sober house not only gives an peaceful environment but it is the perfect example for an nuclear family living in the society.  Hence it is an understandable issue.  

Now what is an Restofinisher? What is the correct definition for it.  

So basically its a type of wood finisher “A wood finish is a clear transparent coating applied to wood to protect it from moisture and to make it look richer and deeper that basically differs from paint which is a wood finish loaded with enough pigment to hide the wood”. The purpose of it is very simple it gives the wood an aesthetic look and make it seem brand new. So this product Restofinisher comes under wood finishing category. Only the difference is that it is more quick and handy as per claimed by its site. With a simple wipe-on and wipe-off process, most wood surfaces can be restored in a few minutes. It goes on easy and dries fast, restores wood without destroying existing finishes, last but not the least it is claimed to be odourless and nontoxic made of top quality materials and compounds. So in short it is the perfect solution for all wood finishes out there.  

Restofinisher is also said to penetrate faded lacquer, shellac and varnish finishes to bring back the original colour and luster of the said wooden furniture. Not only does it restores the depth of grain  in wood finishes, going much deeper than temporary ‘scratch cover’ products but it is also assert to have permanently restore most wood finishes without removing any of the existing finish”.  This is the per se definition we get to see and view and from the looks of it doesn’t seem to have any flaw mark over it. It seems like the ideal product any individual would love to choose and use. Not only that but the website itself seems to be perfect and just out of the genie’s bottle. No complications, no waste of time just what a  person needs. Even the views and comments regarding the product in the site itself is all flawless and absolute.  There’s not a single complain and the ratings are over the top. And in the site itself its seen that the product is brought every then and now. A model product if we must say.  

So what’s the issue, the issue is that the site more or less looks too good to be true, aside that every selling product out there has to have a flaw or does have a flaw it doesn’t specifically have to be the product itself it could be anything be it the packaging delivery, late delivery or exaggerated increase in the delivery charges. We are not perfect hence we should not claim to be. Specifically if it’s a service that is only an year old and still is a blooming one, it seems altogether suspicious that an emerging branch could be so perfect from the beginning itself.  There are no complaints in the review box which is again a red flag. The point is not to sell an perfect product but a genuine one that doesn’t lack compassion and truthfulness in it. But then  nowadays it is a lot more to ask for. Since the demand of the people is to get an quick solution that will miraculously resolve all the problem it seems like there are some who willing to fulfil it only in an much more distrustful and with a fraud manner.  

Why Distrustful and Fraud?

When searched thoroughly it seems that the product itself has a lot loopholes in it. First and fore most the question that arises in our mind is that if it is such a great product Why is it not popular among the common mass? Why is it still unknown to many out there. Overlooking this aspect it’s also been viewed that this product is not available on many online shopping platform namely Flipkart if we must give an example. It’s a very known fact that if the product is a known one and is on high demand as per shown by the site then it has to appear on one of the world’s known shopping platform. But except the said site the product it seems is not sold anywhere as such. Another important aspect that we get to know is that there is no particular ingredients list noted and pointed out in the said product which is another thing to consider about. The prize it seems is very unreasonable and last but not the least given the all 5 star reviews in the site regarding the product it seems that the overall rank of the website is 37.9 which says a lot.  

Few of the comments from the buyers that we managed to highlight from over here and there reflects a lot:- 

Patricia Wiles  

February 14,2021 at 7:35 PM 

We have just used this product purchased for use on our kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are light maple and frankly though very light in the bottle this product went on much darker. I returned to their website to make contact with this company to see if they have any recommendations available for fixing what is now a much darker finish in the areas of my cabinets I used this product on. Frankly, the darkness looks worse than the lack of finish I purchased the product to repair.  

While I was on the Restofinisher site I also took note of more and more reviews being left but there appears to be on this site NO areas to actually leave a review. I found that suspicious. Where are these reviews coming from?  It would seem as the though they had to search out a site like this or they are not true reviews of this product at all. Unclear about this at this time while waiting to hear back from this company. In the meantime, I would not suggest using this product on light cabinets” 


February 15, 2021 at 12:52 PM 

It’s a scam. Restofinisher you see on the ad is not what you get. The product you get just says “ Wood Finisher Restorer”  -no ingredients list, no UPC code, no manufacturer name and address ( other than Made in China) and no instructions on the bottle. The paper insert states it needs 30-40 minutes of OPEN AIR ventilation when using the product. No way am I going to use a product that doesn’t have an ingredient list on it. I was able to get a partial refund but my email was added to their spam distribution program and it took over a week of daily complaints and the BBB to get my email removed. When I click on ‘unsubscribe’ on the ad page my computer refused to go any further stating the website I was heading to was “unsafe


Well it seems like only the Restofinisher site itself seems to be idyllic . To say it is suspicious would be just an understatement. Compared to the comments presented in the site it looks like all the others were mostly negative, which itself is a red flag again. It’s a known fact that while dealing with online products it is very important to be careful and beware since a lot more detail is been asked for the delivery of the product; it is necessary to keep an clear mind and not just rely on what only the site says or what the product looks like. Focusing on the detail is very important after all we are the ones who are responsible for our own safety and awareness.

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