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So nowadays, to reduce some stress specifically for the student mass out there, we have come to see the development of a lot of independent services that helps the generation in overcoming certain hurdles. EssayPro is one such development and a writing service located in the USA that helps the students in their research and assignment work within a very average income. In short, It offers a convenient business model to their customers aiming at lower prices and direct interaction with the writers. Few perks about it:-

  • It’s one of the oldest services that has been in the market for many years, so it is quite legit.  
  • If you’re in a financial jam, you can take help from this site because it provides one of the cheapest services.
  • You get to choose your own writer.
  • You don’t have to wait long for your paper because the service doesn’t take up much time.
  • It provides you with a plagiarism-free report.
  • Your identity is respected and thus remains anonymous. Review Review


So after some thorough research, we get to find out that EssayPro is quite well known amongst people. Its reviews on popular sites like SiteJabber and ScamFighter are pretty impressive. Also, after looking onto different social media platforms since they provide the most honest answers, we also get to see that people are indeed very grateful for their services first because it’s an very uncomplicated and easy process to apply in there, second because as repeatedly mentioned it’s very affordable. 94% of previous customers found EssayPro paper writing services reliable and the quality of writing top-notch. You also get to have some extra services with every order for free. For example, every document delivered to you comes with a free plagiarism check report. Without hesitation, you can ask for revision over the final paper if you feel like changing it. Known review sites like

  • ScamFighter rated it 4.7 out of 5 
  • SiteJabber rated it 4.74 
  • Trustpilot rated it 4.61 
Customer Support
Customer Support

Customer Service

Every well-known management and development needs proper background help and maintenance for it to function in a smooth manner. And thus comes the role of customer services. From some thorough research and through what we’ve heard, the customer services provided by EssayPro are undoubtedly very helpful and cooperating; if you ever try to have a conversation with them, you will find out that their human support agents provide quick straight to the point answers. Thus proving the point that they don’t take up much time in responding one’s query. They’re indeed very helpful in their ventures and will try to solve your problem without wasting much of your time. 

  • If you are looking for offers, you can have a conversation with their managers, and they can provide you with certain options that will charge less.
  • And in case you’re wondering how to start a conversation with their services, well all you have to do is click the HELP CENTER BUTTON.
Types of Services and Prices
Types of Services and Prices

Types of Services and Prices

So after quite some shuffling, we get to see that EssayPro provides a ton of services that is in all divided into 3 categories which includes; First Paperwork under which we find Essay Writing, Case Study, Report Writing, Research Paper, Presentation or Speech, Literature Review, Business Plan, Book/Movie Review, Research Proposal and so on. 

Then under the second category, you get the option of Coursework/Homework under which you’re offered services such as preparing one’s Homework assignment, Engineering assignment, Maths assignment, Statistic assignments, Biology assignment, etc. 

And last but not the least, under the third category, you get the option of Other Assignments, where you get services such as solving Word Problems, Multiple Choice Questions, and so on.

And hence based on these, the prices or rates of per paper are therefore decided. It’s very common for students to always look for services that will offer a friendly budget, and thus EssayPro is just the one for you; not only is it very affordable, but asking for assistance from their writers doesn’t require much. And what’s more, newbies and regular customers get the opportunity to benefit from special offers and promo codes. If at times, it gets costly, you can always benefit from these offers. 

  • For per page, it is $10 with 200-300 words.
Quality of Work

Quality of Work

From research and reviews, we can already figure out that their quality of work which for the main part depends on the writer’s capability, is remarkable. The writers here seem to be real professionals; though sometimes they might miss a few minor points, but they try their level best and deliver top-notch works. They know how to follow paper guidelines and deliver high-quality writings. They’re also quite punctual and for the most part provide the paper before deadline. Though there are a few things that should always be kept in mind before hiring a particular writer 

  • First of all, since it all comes down to the responsibility and capability of the writer thus, you have to be very careful of whom to choose. Since you get the facility of choosing your own writer you should use it wisely by inquiring as much as possible.
  • Secondly, before assigning the respective topic to the writer ask them if they are aware of it or not or how much they know about it. 
  • Thirdly always try to have the knowledge of their qualifications, verify if it’s true or not by asking them some more added questions.
  • Last but not the least, make sure you explain everything in detail; by doing so, you will minimize the chances of getting a paper that goes against your expectations.
Essaypro sign up
Essaypro sign up

How to Sign In?

The sign-up procedure is very easy and hardly takes any time to complete. All you need to do is press the sign-up button and then come up with an unique login name and a complex password for your account to be secure.

How Does EssayPro Operates?

Its easy as well, first inform the site about your requirements. Fill out order details like what sought of writing or research you need done, then upload any files or additional materials if needed. After that, confirm your request by clicking Place an Order. 

Then the most crucial task is to find the suitable writer. Read the given feedbacks about the writers carefully, look over their ratings & reviews, then choose the proper writer that will suit your taste.

Last but not the least, put your order in progress and assign the writer; check the order summary to confirm your order. Then release the payment after you download the paper and end the contract with the writer. 

Keep in mind if there’s any further change or edit you want after receiving the paper, if you feel like there is something not adding up, you are always welcome to contact them.

Essaypro Ratings
Essaypro Ratings

Our Rating & Verdict

Considering every aspect, we would like to state that EssayPro does seem like an reliable site where you can ask for help. The reviews and comments speak for themselves and say enough about its work ethics. Amongst the other writer services, it’s the most affordable one and provides good quality papers to the clients. Though there have been some, who had been dissatisfied and had a sour experience but then no working platform is absolutely perfect. All in all you should definitely consider going for it.

Our Rating 4/5

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the owner of this business and you have any questions about our review, Please do contact us for corrections.

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