All You Need to Know About Office Chair

All You Need to Know About Office Chair

Here are the reviews of the best office chairs for back support

If you work in an office or from home, you know how much it causes strain to your lower back; sitting for more than 7 hours a day in the wrong posture can cause many health issues like pain in the lower back, neck, shoulder, and hips and later to even significant hazards like compression of discs in your spine which lead to premature degeneration. Sitting on an ill-fitted chair can even cause digestion problems.

To prevent or reduce back pain, you need to make sure you are sitting on the right chair and your office chair and desk are correctly adjusted. Many chairs in the market can help you have a good posture throughout the day, but after researching a lot of them and trying a few ourselves, to wrap it all up, we have shortlisted 10 ergonomic chairs to help you get the correct posture.

But as a bit piece of advice from someone who has had a desk job for the past 5 years, you should always try to move around a little bit every hour; even with the right chair, the risk factors that come with sitting too much are numerous.

What Is an Ergonomic Chair Anyway?

Ergonomic office chairs include several elements intended to enhance posture and provide proper support; an excellent ergonomic chair will be adjustable, giving you more control and customising your settings. If you’re buying chairs that many people will use, adjustability is vital. If you’re buying a chair for your home office or one individual, take their body measurements into account for a better ‘fit.’.

Features to Consider


The office furniture you select should be flexible enough to accommodate the demands of each individual in your workplace. Employees come in many shapes and sizes, so investing in furniture that can be customised to fit their needs will help keep everyone in the workplace comfortable and focused on their job.

For example, when shopping for an office task chair, seek one with crucial adjustments such as seat height, seat depth, back recline, and adjustable armrests.


Comfortable materials are used to make an excellent ergonomic chair, and the user’s back should not sweat as a result of the material. However, the materials chosen will be determined by the budget; high-end ergonomic chairs will be made of leather or velvet.

Backrest lumbar support

Just above the hip, the bottom section of the spine slopes inward toward the belly button (the lordotic curve). The natural inward bend of the lower back is supported by lumbar back support, which essentially fills in the space between the lumbar spine and the seat.


A headrest is not necessary, but it reduces stress in the shoulders and upper torso by supporting the back of the head and upper neck.

Let’s look at some of the best office chairs, and we’ve made sure to put chairs in every budget with the pros and cons of each of them; we’ve also mentioned the places you can find them.

1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most popular chair brands globally, but they are also one of the most expensive chair brands out there; people always question the amount they’re going to pay. But if you ask any Aeron user, they’ll never tell you that they regret the purchase. What are the things that we’ve considered before naming it the best overall?

Our Verdict

Every Herman Miller Aeron chair comes with a 12-year warranty, which covers everything, from the backrest to the wheels and even the mesh. If you ever have any issue with any part of the chair, they’ll send a technician to your door to replace that particular part.

 If we talk about the build quality, every component, including the screws of this chair, is high end. The elements are correctly aligned, the chair is very easy to operate, and the appearance is appealing.

The armrests are fully adjustable, and you can adjust the height, depth, and pivot. The arm caps are very soft and comfortable. It has solid lumbar support, so you don’t need to worry about your posture. It provides a forward tilt function along with an excellent, super smooth recline.

But some of the cons of this chair that some people have noticed are that the seat is a little firm, the depth of the seat is not adjustable, and it does not have a seat slider. Overall, this chair is magic, and if money isn’t an issue for you, I would recommend going for it.

2. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO isn’t a very famous brand, nor does it cost a ton, but the chairs it provides are pretty amazing in the price range; you can get them for as low as 250$, SIHOO ergonomic office chair comes with a headrest, and the backrest is made of breathable mesh.

Our Verdict

One of the features that we like about the SIHOO ergonomic chair is the breathable mesh back; most of the chairs with this mesh quality are high-end. It is perfect for people who get a little sweaty while working; the seat is extremely comfortable; it has a W-shaped indentation that helps relieve pressure under the thighs and guides the buttock were to sit in the right position.

It also has a headrest that tilts 45 degrees; this chair is perfectly made for people of all sizes. The armrest, on the other hand, is just height adjustable, it does not tilt or change the size, but most people do not tend to have a problem with that.

The downside of this chair is the backrest tilt and recline; the mechanism is fairly good from what the company offers, but it has some quality issues.

Despite its low-cost plastic construction, it also provides lumbar back support; it performs a great job of supporting the lower back.

3. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Modway articulate mesh chair is an affordable chair, A well-made office chair from a company with a good reputation for producing high-quality items. This Modway mesh office chair costs around $160, giving it a good value for money and a good choice for first-time buyers. The breathable mesh back chair keeps you cool and comfortable even in the hottest summer months, and its ergonomic design allows you to adjust it to your preferences.

Our Verdict

The Modway ergonomic chair does not have lumbar back support, so don’t consider this chair if you are suffering from lower back pain. This chair’s seating is pretty comfortable; the seat comes with a 6-inch thick, padded cushion, it comes with back and seat adjustability, but if you’re intended to use this for a long time in a day, we wouldn’t recommend it. Modway articulate is not suitable for very shorta people or very tall people either; if you are above 5’3 and below 5’10, this chair is for you. The armrest has a cushion and is very comfortable.

4. Neuhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

The Neuhaus Ergo3D is designed for optimal comfort and support when sitting, helping to maintain your posture correct and healthy. It’s our top selection for the finest ergonomic office chairs because it has a lot of adjustments, so you can customise it to fit your body and your workspace better. Finding your ideal sitting posture is the name of the Ergo3D game, with plenty of choices to change the headrest and the tilt and height of the chair.

Our Verdict

The Ergo3D isn’t cheap, but you get a lot of comfort for your money. The Ergo3D, according to Neuhaus, is “a chair that goes beyond ergonomics… one that fits to your body and your life.”

While that may sound dramatic, there are a lot of adjustabilities here, all of which should provide next-level support while you’re working. For example, the 4D Orbital armrests may be adjusted to glide and tilt, providing the appropriate support and comfort.

A quick check at the back of the Neuhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair reveals a powerful lumbar support mechanism in action to assist correct your spine. On a more stylish note, this chair is available for purchase in four different colours black, blue, grey, and burgundy, among which black is the sleekest according to our colour choice. It will cost you around 400$, which we think is reasonable for its features.

5. Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap is one of the most well-known office chair manufacturers, and I can understand why after sitting in it for more than a month. It’s a comfy chair with plenty of back support, and it comes in a variety of colours, making it an excellent addition to any office.

Our Verdict

Steelcase leap is one of the high-end products with many specifications; the fundamental model starts from a thousand dollars and goes way up as you increase the specs.

The back support is not made of mesh; hence it is not very breathable, but there are many additional options like two sliders on either side of the backrest that may be moved up and down to modify the lumbar support. A knob on the right controls the stiffness of the back, while another knob controls the upper back tension. You may also change the back angle, the forward movement of the seat, and the amount of force necessary to tilt the seatback.

6. All 33 Back-Strong C1 Office Chair

All 33 back strong C1 office chair is a chair made of very different styles; it is made out of entirely vegan leather, the chair is very comfortable, and all the features are very smooth to use.

Our Verdict

The seat and lower back of the chair are positioned on a rotating horizontal axis that is separate from the top back of the chair by an arc of open space. The whole appearance is evocative of mod furniture, a concept of future design popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The separated lower and upper seat is a new concept, and it’s difficult to understand by just looking at the picture; well, it is all about lumbar back support.

If you want to roll your chair up very near to the desk, the armrests can be completely folded up and out of the way, but they are not adjustable in any other way. The cushioning is very soft; the back is not mesh, so you might have a little bit of sweating.

The seat height is adjustable and is very smooth to use, it provides 3360 degrees swirl, and the armrests are padded and very comfortable. Some of the drawbacks are that there is no headrest, and you can’t adjust the armrest’s height, width, or angle. Overall, it is an excellent purchase.

7. Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is a spacious office chair that can stretch out entirely throughout your workday. Although the headrest may not be ideal for everyone, this is a well-designed, ventilated chair that should improve your posture when sitting for too long and help you not get too sweaty.

Our Verdict

It has lumbar back support, and the design looks sleek; 70% of the reviews on amazon for this chair are five stars, which is quite impressive given the amount that you are paying, it has great flexibility, and this chair is even suitable for chair yoga.

A 120-degree recline is included in the Gabrylly chair. Rotate the knob under the seat to lock the setting once you’re in a comfortable position. You can relax for a minute or two while working; in my experience, even a recline of 80-90 degrees is good enough.

This is an excellent fit for a chair that is around 150$; many of the chairs in this range use very bad material, which tears apart in a few months.

We love the chair’s size; it’s easy to adjust seat height, headrest, backrest, and flip-up arms; the armrest has no other adjustments other than flipping up. It has surprisingly smooth and quiet rolling wheels, and people using it have said they have never seen a scratch on their wooden flooring from this chair.

8. Furmax Office Chair

This mid-back chair features a wing design that provides superb back support and a wide seat and is made of soft foam and mesh. Black, orange, green, purple, blue, and grey are just a few of the many colours available. This chair cost 44$, you read it right, and this is the most affordable chair that provides a lot of things.

Our Verdict

You can buy Furmax office chairs for 44$ from Walmart. The built quality of this chair isn’t excellent, but the features match very high-end products like the 360-degree twirl it provides. The back of this chair is made of breathable mesh, the seat is thick and padded and offers fantastic support, and you might not believe that this chair has lumbar back support.

It is easy to assemble, but the armrest on the other side does not fit properly sometimes. If you are looking for a budget ergonomic chair, this is the right choice. It has a BIFIMA certification and can hold up to 265 pounds.


There are many chairs to choose from; you should go through all the options and pick up a chair that matches your budget and needs; if you need a headrest or not, that totally depends on the individual. After researching many chairs, we’ve made this list of top office chairs for every need and budget; we’ve made sure we’ve covered the diversity of chairs and presented it to you; most of these chairs have been used by our fellow employees and us. If you have any questions regarding any chair or if you want us to review a particular product, feel free to drop a comment.

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