World’s Most Famous Women Lawyer in The World

World’s Most Famous Women Lawyer in The World

So with passing time, we can certainly say for sure that women have evolved and polished themselves a lot if compared to the ancient times; time was different back then; women the entity was supposed to act in a certain way, a way that held the persona back. It would be an understatement to say that women were not given a chance; they had to fight for it; in a sense that is more literal than metaphorical, choices were taken away, and chains were used to barricade the fiery spirit of a woman. But now, after a long time, we are finally here, present in an arena where the world is doing its best to adjust with the women power. After raising enormous protests and fight, women are finally here to have the equal opportunities as the man is given. Now women are in every field. In this article will talk about some of the world’s most famous women lawyer in the world.

And from looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, we can claim it for sure that women are doing a hell of a job in every field out there. Thus today, we are going to discuss some of these wonderful women who have succeeded in the field of law and justice and are renowned for it.

First, let’s get on with the definition of lawyers and their said duties.

Definition of A Lawyer

To safeguard clients and the general public, states enforce rules of professional conduct on lawyers, which outline some fundamental duties and responsibilities that you’ll follow each day of your career. Although the rules are extensive and may vary slightly from one jurisdiction to another, they typically require you to be an advocate for your clients and to keep their best interests in mind at all times. Lawyers must also refrain from charging clients unreasonable or excessive fees. In addition, lawyers are responsible for keeping information about their clients confidential as part of the client-lawyer relationship.

Duties and Responsibilities Depend on Practice Area

Some lawyers spend most of their time in court, while many others rarely see a courtroom. However, they all provide legal advice one way or another. It all depends on the area of law you choose to practice. If you choose a career in criminal law, for example, you’ll likely spend a fair amount of time either defending your clients in court or prosecuting them on behalf of a federal, state, or local government. On the other hand, tax, intellectual property, and securities lawyers tend to focus more of their time on providing legal advice and guidance on transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, patent applications, and initial public offerings. Regardless of which type of law you choose, you will need superior research, analytical, communication, and writing skills to be successful.

Moving back to the most successful women lawyers in the present time

From our research, we got the notion that in.


Sheela Murthy

Sheela Murthy, India
Sheela Murthy, India

Lawyer Sheela Murthy, born on October 12 1961, in Baroda, is known to have been one of the best lawyers of all time; she is also a renowned philanthropist. Murthy and her husband, Vasant Nayak, are said to have established the MurthyNayak foundation to channel their philanthropic contributions to nonprofits that serve the needs of women, children and immigrants, particularly in education and healthcare.

  • She is also the founder and President of the Owings Mills, Maryland-based Murthy law firm, which has been ranked as one of the world’s leading U.S. immigration law firms.
  • Education Background– According to our knowledge, Murthy was admitted to Stella Maris College in Chennai, where she majored in history and minored in political science. Graduating in the year 1982, Murthy was always interested in social justice, which led to her involvement in anti-dowry marches and other works to secure the rights of women and girls. It generally influenced her academic and career choices, and against her parent’s wishes, she enrolled in the bachelor of laws program at the University Law College at Bangalore University.
  • After that, it was only the beginning of a prosperous future for Murthy; she eventually decided to join the Masters of laws program at Harvard school and graduated in 1987.
  • Career– After that, we acknowledge that Murthy practised real estate and corporate law at White & Case, a major law firm in New York City. She found working in Manhattan to be “emotionally draining” and disliked working at a big law firm because “you’re nothing but a billable hour machine.”
  • In 1989 Murthy and her husband moved to Baltimore, where she continued to practice real estate and business law at a medium-sized Law firm. And at the same time, Murthy was developing expertise in immigration law.
  • Accomplishment– In May 1994, Murthy left her employer to start her own solo practice immigration law firm: The law office of Sheela Murthy.
  • The website was launched by Murthy’s husband, Vasant Nayak, who was very keen on supporting her on every step. The firm’s website is now the most viewed legal website in the United States.
  • Murti further raised her stature by writing about immigration law and serving frequently as a commentator for professional publications and seminars. In 1999 Murthy became actively involved with the American Immigration Lawyers Association and had taken several leadership roles in that organization over the years.


Zuzana Čaputová

A woman of high influence born on June 21 1973, is a Slovak politician, lawyer, and environmental activist. She is Slovakia’s fifth President, a position she has held since June 15 2019.

She became well renowned by prevailing in a decade-long struggle against the situation of a toxic landfill in her hometown of Pezinok.

  • Career– After concluding her education, Zuzana worked in the local government of Pezinok, first as an assistant in the legal department and later as a deputy to the town Mayor.
  • She later moved into the nonprofit sector at the open society foundations, where she handled public administration and the issue of abuse of exploited children.
  • Accomplishment– Between 2001 and 2017, Čaputová walked with Via Luris, a civic organization as a lawyer, and with Greenpeace on campaign planning. In Pezinok, for more than 10 years, she was at the forefront of a public campaign against the authorization of another land field that would aggravate pollution of the soil, air and water and its surrounding areas. The fight against the landfill culminated in 2013 when the supreme court of Slovakia ruled that the new landfill was illegal and violated environmental norms.
  • Čaputová has run her own law firm and authored and co-authored several publications.
  • She is a fellow of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, a network of environmental lawyers and jurists.


Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran

Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran, Arab
Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran, Arab

Breaking all the stereotypes and norms, Al-Zahran stood her ground and became a prominent lawyer in Arab.

  • Career– She trained as a legal consultant for 3 years representing dozens of clients in family disputes, criminal and civil cases. Her initial focus was domestic violence, but later she studied the cases of financial and criminal prisoners.
  • Accomplishment– In November 2013, Al-Zahran became the first woman lawyer in Saudi Arabia’s history. The other three women to follow Al-Zahran were Sara Aalamri, Jehan Qurban and Ameera Quqani. Before the Saudi women’s licensing, female law graduates were only allowed to serve as legal consultants. Al-Zahran represented a client before the General Court in Jeddah for the first time in November 2013.
  • On January 1, 2014, Al-Zahran founded Saudi Arabia’s first all-woman law firm. She said that the purpose of her law firm was to bring Saudi women’s problems before the court and to fight for their rights. Mazen Batterjee, Vice President of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, attended the firm’s opening, congratulating the women while cautioning them to follow Sharia law and court restrictions requiring that women wear hijab.


Nowadays, it’s just normal to see women attorneys in the Philippines, and some of them are even at the top ranking position. Gender issues still remain as a topic of argument, but there have been drastic changes in the way our country sees women.

Pia Cayetano

Pia Cayetano
Pia Cayetano

Lady Pilar Juliana “Pia” Schramm Cayetano (born March 22, 1966) is a Filipina politician and lawyer serving as a Senator since 2019, a position she previously held from 2004 to 2016. She was also the Representative of Taguig’s 2nd district from 2016 to 2019 and was one of the Deputy Speakers.

  • Cayetano was born to a political family currently based in Taguig. Her father was the late former senator Rene Cayetano; her younger brother, Alan Peter, is an incumbent senator who formerly represented the Taguig-Pateros district and became Speaker of the House during the 18th Congress; another younger brother, Rene Carl, is a former councilor of Muntinlupa; her youngest brother, Lino, was mayor of Taguig; and her sister-in-law (Alan Peter’s wife) Lani, is the incumbent mayor of Taguig.
  • Education– Cayetano took up Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of the Philippines and graduated cum laude in 1985. She then took up Bachelor of Laws at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Pia graduated in 1991 with academic distinction and ranked 7 in her class. She also became a member of the Honor Society, Order of the Purple Feather.
  • Career– From 1992 to 1995, Cayetano was an associate lawyer at the Castillo, Laman Tan, and Pantaleon Law Offices, specializing in corporate and intellectual property law.
  • From 1996 to 1999, she was an officer for the legal and corporate affairs of the Belle Corporation and its affiliates, including the gaming conglomerate B.W. Resources.
  • Accomplishment– In 2000, she was general counsel for the PhilWeb Corporation. In 2001, she was appointed chairwoman of the Maxi Group of Companies, a retailer and distributor of educational toys, infant apparel and accessories.


Bangladesh has undergone trials and tribulations on its way to becoming the rising star of South Asia, but the pandemic has brought about a terrible blow and slowed economic growth. But as the global recovery takes shape, the nation’s legal industry is preparing to make the most of the opportunities.

Not only is it recovering from old deeds and tragics but is also leading vivaciously towards the path of modernization.

Amina Khatoon

Dr. Amina Khatoon is a partner at a leading Dhaka-based law firm, Doulah & Doulah. Her expertise in the areas of corporate law, M&A and restructuring are considered to be one of the finest in the area.

  • Career- She is very much active in the areas of corporate finance and project finance. A number of multinational clients rely on Dr. Khatoon and have entrusted her with their legal issues in Bangladesh. Dr. Khatoon is a consultant to the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • With specialization in foreign and local investments, Khatoon is well versed in dealing with regulators on various issues and has established herself as an authority on project development matters, especially in renewables. She has extensive experience in the tax and employment law arena, and she also possesses extensive real estate property capabilities.
  • Accomplishment- Acted in transactional and real estate aspects of several solar parks, including the Suitakhali 50MW power project, Teknaf 200MW power project and Nilphamari 50MW power project.
  • Advised Sinohydro in its river control contract for Padma Bridge.
  • Acted for IFC and Exelerate Energy in the Maheshkhali Floating LNG Terminal Project.


Singapore has sometimes been dubbed the “Switzerland of Southeast Asia” because of its consistent economic growth, stability and prosperity.

From a business perspective, Singapore has established itself as a major financial centre with a transparent legal framework based on an English common law system that has evolved over the years. The Singaporean legal market continues to be one where clients seek out good lawyers rather than good law firms. Perhaps this is because of the respect and trust individual lawyers have built and nurtured in lawyer-client relationships and, more importantly, their reputation by name, which far outweighs their firm’s brand name or firm size. These factors are predominant in more developed jurisdictions.

Thus one such renowned lawyer is Sylvia Lim.

Thus One Such Renowned Lawyer Is Sylvia Lim.

Ms. Lim a Singaporean politician, lawyer and former lecturer. A member of the opposition Workers’ Party (WP), she has been the Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Paya Lebar division of Aljunied GRC since 2020.

Before entering politics, Lim had served in the Singapore Police Force and worked as a law lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic.

  • Educational Background– Lim attended CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel, CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent and National Junior College before graduating from the National University of Singapore in 1988 with a Bachelor of Laws degree with honours.
  • She completed a Master of Laws at the University College London in 1989.
  • She was called to the bar in Singapore in 1991. She later completed a master’s degree in criminal justice from the Michigan State University in 2014.
  • Career- In 1991, Lim joined the Singapore Police Force for three years as a police inspector. She initially did investigation work at the Central Police Division Headquarters and then became a staff officer under the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department.
  • Lim joined the law firm M/s Lim & Lim in 1994. She handled civil and criminal litigation work in the High Court, Subordinate Courts and Juvenile Court between 1994 and 1998.
  • Lim joined Temasek Polytechnic in 1998 as a law lecturer. She was also the Manager of Professional Development and Continuing Education and Training at the polytechnic’s School of Business. Her main areas of teaching and research were in civil and criminal procedure, criminal justice and private security.
  • Accomplishment– During her time at Temasek Polytechnic, Lim contributed to the volume on Criminal Procedure for Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore (2003), a legal practitioners’ reference series, and has also collected and published primary research on private security in Singapore.

United States

The US has always made sure to enrich their own in every way possible. To them, the factor of modernization and moving forward has always been the top priority.

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred
Gloria Allred

Gloria Rachel Allred is an American attorney known for taking high-profile and often controversial cases, particularly those involving the protection of women’s rights. She has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

  • Education– Gloria Rachel Bloom was born in Philadelphia into a Jewish working-class family on July 3, 1941. Her father, Morris, worked as a salesman; her British-born mother, Stella, was a householder. After graduating from the Philadelphia High School for Girls, she attended the University of Pennsylvania.
  • In 1963, she earned a bachelor’s degree in English, graduating with honours.
  • She was employed in several occupations before becoming a teacher, taking a position at Benjamin Franklin High School. She began work on a graduate degree at New York University, where she became interested in the civil rights movement.
  • Career– In a legal career that has spanned four decades, Allred has represented a wide variety of clients in civil rights suits that have involved sexual harassment, women’s rights, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination.
  • The New Republic has called her “a longtime master of the press conference”. She often takes high-profile cases, using press conferences and appearances on television to much effect. Allred has represented many clients in suits against celebrities, including those against Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Herman Cain, David Boreanaz, Scott Lee Cohen, Anthony Weiner, Sacha Baron Cohen, Esai Morales, and R Kelly.
  • Achievements– Allred founded the firm Allred, Maroko, & Goldberg with fellow Loyola graduates Michael Maroko and Nathan Goldberg in January 1976.
  • In 1979, Allred represented seven children and their parents in a lawsuit against the Sav-On Drugstore chain to stop the store from designating separate sections for boys’ and girls’ toys.
  • In 1981, while California State Senator John G. Schmitz was presiding over hearings on outlawing abortion, Allred presented him with a chastity belt. Schmitz retaliated in a press release, calling her a “slick butch lawyeress”. She sued him for libel and eventually secured a settlement of $20,000 and an apology.

So there you go folks list of some famous woman influential lawyers across the world.

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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