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Wilshire Law Firm Review

Wilshire law firm is a leading law firm known for cases of compensation in cases of injury from an accident, unfair firing at the workplace, and a lot more.

This review article will look deeper into the Wilshire law firm and its practice areas.

What Is a Law Firm?

A law firm can be defined as a group of lawyers who work together as a business to help people.

Lawyers are trained to prosecute their client’s behalf and advise them on their legal rights and obligations in other areas.

Law firms help with daily life and decision-making, from upholding civil rights and drafting business contracts to obtain compensation for injury victims and guaranteeing fair trials for the convicted to facilitating real estate transactions and fighting for environmental protection.

Wilshire Law Firm: A Basic Introduction

A firm is a group of attorneys specializing in injury and injury law. It was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

The company size is 201–500 employees working in different offices around the USA, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Francisco, etc.

Wilshire Law Firm is a nationally respected personal injury, employment, aviation, and class action law firm that has recovered over $900 million in client damages.

Wilshire Law Firm, named one of the “Finest Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report in 2020 and 2021, works to produce the best customer results.

What Is the Firm Best Known For?

The company has been recognized for having some of the largest settlements and judgments in the country, including a $28.7 million settlement that was listed as the top Pedestrian Accident Settlement for Single-Plaintiff Cases in the United States in 2019 by TopVerdict.com.

Furthermore, Wilshire Law Firm secured 20 of the Top 50 Personal Injury Settlements in California in 2020, according to TopVerdict.com.

Wilshire Law Firm has the tools to take on any insurance company or significant organization, with over 200 team members and a broad network of medical and forensic experts.

The firm’s award-winning attorneys battle for justice, ensuring its clients receive full and fair compensation for their losses.

Everything You Need to Know

The Wilshire law firm aims to ensure that each deserving client gets a full recovery.

The lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of the clients, and the firm’s legal work has been recognized for quality throughout the legal world.

Some of the things that you can expect from the attorneys are given below:

1-Confidentiality: The firm ensures that all the communications between the two stay confidential and that all the information stays protected.

2-Respect and courtesy: all the lawyers in the firm treat people with respect. They make sure to return every phone call and mail that is sent by you as soon as possible.

3- Ethical standards – the firm make sure that they provide a service that honors the trust of the client

4-Full disclosure: They promise to be transparent about everything from the legal process to the fees and answer as many questions as you want.

5-Diligent approach: the service provided is diligent, and the attorneys are very dedicated to their work.

6-Ultimate decision power: You have the authority to make final judgments in all things related to your case.

7- No fees if you lose the case

Practice Areas

The firm, as discussed above, is recognized for injury, employment, and class action laws; all of its practice areas are mentioned below.

Motor vehicle accident: If you were injured in a car accident in the Los Angeles region due to someone else’s carelessness, you have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

Wilshire law firm assists in the cases of almost all motor vehicles, including trains, buses, boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

Aviation- The firm manages the cases of commercial airline accidents as well as general aviation accidents, such as private business aviation, search and rescue missions, pilot training, and so on.

You can get compensation for all the economic and noneconomic damages caused by accident.

They have expert aviation lawyers with high knowledge of aerodynamics, engineering, piloting, ATC, etc.

They handle all aircraft accident cases, including airline, drone, helicopter, and runway accidents.

Employment law- any form of workspace from administrative complaints to civil trials. Wilshire law firm can help you with any case, no matter how big the employer is.

Examples- include wrongful termination, workplace retaliation, harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages, leave of absence, etc.

Class action law-Class action lawsuits arise when a large number of people have identical grievances due to the conduct of a person, group, or corporation, for example, consumer fraud, consumer form contract cases, design defect, warranty and liability claims, false advertising claims, etc.

You can get a class action attorney to help with a favorable settlement.

Maritime law-Maritime law is wide and covers many different areas of maritime issues.

Wilshire law firm handles the cases of cruise ship passenger accidents, jones act, catastrophic maritime cases, longshoreman and harbor workers cases against vessel owners, boating and watercraft accidents, or any form of sexual assault.

Nationally and internationally, the firm represents the relatives of boat accident victims and badly injured survivors. We would be happy to investigate and represent you in your offshore injury, maritime employment, or maritime disaster case.


You can fill out a form for a free consultation on their website.

The best thing about this service is that there are no advance fees; you’ll have to pay the entire amount after the case closes.

The charges differ with the complexity of the cases. Still, the firm pays all the advance costs, including expert witness fees, testing costs, court filing fees, court reporter fees, deposition costs, document collection costs, presentation charges, and even medical expenses.

Our Verdict

According to many reviews, you could tell that Wilshire law firm can help you get the MAXIMUM compensation for any compensations in the case.

The company has nationally recognized lawyers and a reputation in all the fields they work with.

The firm is especially known for the fact that they don’t back down from any challenge that might occur during the trial.


You are liable for compensation in any case of injury, accident, death, and assault.

The firm works with the best lawyers only, and the case outcome always favors the client.

You should know your rights and work against the people or companies who do you wrong.

Our Verdict – 4.2/5

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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