What You Need to Make Your Kitchen Modern

What do You need to Make Your Kitchen Modern?

We all have our own view of that perfect house that we visualize for ourselves. That perfect place that will be our sanctuary. Mostly what we look for is the comfy, the warmth, the safety, and the welcoming feeling that evolves us. And it applies to every nook and cranny present or set up in the house. Especially the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important outlook or we can say an important aspect that is very much so required to set up the house of your dreams. But the question often arises how to set up that perfect kitchen, that will not only match your taste but will also be accessible for your benefit. Why will you even need the perfect and proper kitchen?

What You Need to Make Your Kitchen Modern
What You Need to Make Your Kitchen Modern

Well the answer to that is simple it makes life not only easier but less consuming and haphazard too. It makes the house look good and for all the foodies and cooking lovers out there the perfect kitchen is the ultimate heaven. 

One thing that has to be kept in mind when the word perfect is used it doesn’t mean it has to be on the exact literate and biblical term but perfect according to your taste. Again how would one know what is perfect for him/her because setting it up the kitchen can be a whole lot confusing and time-consuming, especially for a fresh new bachelor who is trying to make the most of life.  Thus how can I make my kitchen perfect is the question we often hear

Well folks not to worry here are few pointers for you:

  • Since the kitchen is for your benefit try to design or jot up in a way that will be beneficial for you. You will know what is best for you hence try to use kitchenette space valued on that idea.
  • Space is the very mandatory factor here, thus you should always keep in mind how you are filling it up and with what you are filling it up or else it can get pretty clustered and awkward. Just add the required stuff that you need. For example:- Fridge, microwave, countertop, sink the basic things don’t try to add a number of unnecessary utensils that will make it look crowded. Keep in mind if you are a cook and have a big kitchen then its manageable but in a small space it will only look hotchpotch.
  • Direction and where you are setting up the kitchen is another crucial point. Based on these agendas you can get either easy access or a hard one. Look out where the adjacent rooms are, where they are placed, and how far or near are they from the kitchen. Always set up the kitchen a bit away from the bedroom and the bathroom or else the scents and the smells can get mingled. 
  • Accessibility inside the kitchen is also mandatory, use cupboards and drawers so it will be easier for you to carry out the utensils, try to keep the sink and the countertop under a close range so that it will be easier for you to wash the vegetables and prep it. Lastly plan for an easy access towards the trashcans  outside, to avoid a hauling dripping trash bag through another finished room.

What Is the Best Layout Kitchen Plan?

  • Avoid as much as extra space there can be, but then again don’t make it too crowded. Try to set up your kitchen in such a way where at least 2-3 people can fit and move around. Incase if you have any awkward spaces try to fill it up with baskets and boxes supposedly put baskets on your cabinets so that you have an easy access towards your food.
  • Another vital thing is to fill the gap between the stove and refrigerator. Do not put them on close proximity incase you do use that space by placing a kitchen cabinet- ideally to store implements and utensils that are not affected by heat.

Now for you to have a modern kitchen there are few basic kitchen supplies that you may require.

What Are They?

Let’s start with Blenders. 

As we all might know it’s a utensil used for mixing or blending edibles like fruits, and vegetables. It’s a needed necessity for everyday life. Of course, it’s very helpful. It’s less time-consuming and after coming home from work if you want to have a drink then there’s no need to buy it. You can just make it. All you have to do is mix the proper ingredients and there you have your drink.  Perfect and simple with much less work. Now where to get the best of the best blenders.

Image Credit – Amazon.com

Depending on your expenses if you want to go for a good and budget-friendly blender than you can opt for Magic Bullet Mini:

  • Small, compact and won’t take up very much room on your kitchen counter or in a cupboard
  • The 13 ounce jar comes with a lip ring and to go lid, so you can drink directly from or take it with you on the go.
  • Has simple easy to use design and makes a good, uniformly textured smoothie in less than 2 minutes.
  • Though it might face problem whilst handling hard and tough ingredients like ice.

It is available in Amazon.com at $41.16

But if are a health professional and want the best for your body and health, then you might want to go for bit more pricey and professional one. In this case, you can opt for Vitamix Professional Series Blender

  • 64 ounces jar comes with five precept for smoothies, soups, frozen deserts and a self cleaning option (drop a bit of soup, whir the motor and rinse).
  • Unlike the others it can easily handle tougher ingredients like nuts and grains which means it is also extra-efficient at crushing ice. Plus as all Vitamix Blenders it comes with great guarantee.

Available at Amazon at $580 and Vitamix at $630

Bread Machines

Bread Machines
Image Credit – Amazon.com

After a long day of work when you get home tired and exhausted it is unlikely that you will want to cook food for yourself and everyday buying take outs are also a wastage of money and haphazard to ones health. In this kind of situation utensils like bread machines are of a big help. Not only will you have a quick way to cease your hunger but also an easy way to make food for ones self. Bread machine enables you to dump all the ingredients into the machine, press a button and theoretically walk away. Three and half hours later you can come back to bread that is baked and ready to eat.

Being so many options out there which will be the idle one to buy.

  • For a budget friendly one can opt for Hamilton Artisan Dough and Bread Maker. It has some time saving features. When you haven’t planned ahead of time, it can whip up a loaf in under 2 hours on the express setting.
  • Also cleaning and washing it up is truly a breeze as you can chuck both the pan and the paddle in the dishwasher

You can find it on Amazon.

But if you want to go for a more technologized and modernised bread maker with much more advanced options then I present you with Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus.

  • If you want to cook and have the best loaf every time then you can’t beat the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus. It is one of the best option and machine for sophisticated bakers as it has a setting for making a sourdough starter and another that allows you to program your own recipes.
  • And unlike other bread machines it tells you what time you are bread will be done rather than how much time is left. That means you don’t have to do the math in your head you can just see for yourself.

You can also find it on Amazon at $261.18

Coffee, Tea & Espresso Appliances

Coffee, Tea & Espresso Appliances
Image Credit – Amazon.com

One of the very very important means to go through a day is to have coffee or tea. It’s probably one of the most needed drink in almost every individuals daily life. Not having coffee or tea in your daily venture is unthinkable. It not only freshens the mind and the body but also energizes oneself. It practically relaxes us, so going without is nearly impossible. Hence we got coffee or tea maker very easy to use and doesn’t need much extra work just add the necessary ingredients and let it brew and within minutes your beverage will be ready. 

One of the Best Coffee Maker you can find is:

  • Breville Bambino Plus, this coffee maker which is also known as Sage rather than Breville in the UK, produces a smooth intense Expresso and is quick to heat up. It can also froth milk and offers three different milk temperatures settings along with three texture settings so you can have your drink just how you like it.
  • And it is also small enough to not take over your countertops but it has almost everything to give you barista-style coffee. 

It is available on Amazon.com at $399

Another easy to brew coffee maker is Nespresso Vertuo Next:

  • If you need an effortless way to make your morning brew, then the Nespresso Vertuo Next is just the coffee maker for you. All you have to do is simply place a capsule inside, press a button and Nespresso will take care of the rest.

Available in Amazon.com at $160

Now coming to tea makers for those whose love teas:

  • There is Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker perfect for an aromic cup of tea. Besides the remarkable elegance and controls there are preset modes for certain popular types of tea the machine can brew with excellent precision. 
  • The appliance is designed with a lot of thought put into it like it easy to use and easy to clean. Plus the base has a small LCD screen that shows information such as water temperature and brew time

We also amazingly have Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed system, Auto-IQ Tea & Coffee Maker:

  • As the name suggest it’s a machine that can brew both your regular coffee and other iced to hot tea.
  • It comes with an intuitive display that has a range of functions to pick from, varying from coffee and tea. You can actually opt for one out of five tea styles as well as select your type of tea ( herbal, oolong, black, green and white)

You can find it on Amazon at $179.90

Compact Refrigerators

Compact Refrigerators
Image Credit – Amazon.com

For those who have a small kitchenette or are not in need of a big refrigerator that will take up a lot of spaces compact refrigerators or also known as mini-fridge are the best option. The thing with mini fridge is that it can be set up anywhere be it in your home office or outside it can serve you the best chilled cold drinks whenever you want. It is also recommended for those who are bachelorette and live alone because it’s a lot of less work:

  • One of the most popular and trusted products in this category is the LG 45 L Direct-cool Refrigerator that not only provides you with utmost freshness but also capacity in the entire forte.
  • The little bar fridge has a smooth grey body that is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen and has the ability to offer you the most optimal refrigeration.

You can find it on Amazon at just $123.77

But if you’re going for a more affordable and budget-friendly one:

  • Then without a doubt go for the Videocon VC060PSH-FDA mini-refrigerator. The fridge comes with a one-year warranty from the brand and has a three-star energy rating.
  • It is fitted with an antibacterial door gasket, is also removable, and does not require a stabilizer. With so many benefits at a lower price, this Mini fridge is certainly a good investment

Countertop Burners

Countertop Burners
Image Credit – Amazon.com

Undoubtedly the most crucial and important part of the kitchen. The true message of the kitchen beholds in it. What is the purpose of kitchen if not for cooking? Even if you just want to boil a glass of water you need countertop burner also called stoves. Productive in various ways and also much more advanced. It is basically the center of the kitchen. It takes less amount of space and also heat up the food faster.

Now there are so many options out there what is the best one when it comes to these:

  • First that is very much so recommend is the CUKOR  Electric Hot Plate. A portable Counter top burner that can be placed without taking much space. It’s compact size and lightweight make the CUCKOR electric hot plate ideal for travelling in RV, camping and small kitchen
  • It has a 1500W power which is the most common power supply for different types of burners. With this counter top burner you can perform all the cooking processes.

Its available on Amazon on just $34.99

Now if you are looking for a double countertop burner then:

  • Techwood double burner boasts a sleek design and convenient features for efficient cooking. It includes independent temperature controls for the burners, controlled by thermal knobs.
  • Overheat protection and on/off cycle for the perfect cooking temperature are also included on the burner

Also available on just $86.98

Electric Cake Pop & Mini Cake Makers

Electric Cake Pop & Mini Cake Makers
Image Credit – Amazon.com

If you have a sweet tooth and are always in search of having something frosty and buttery then mini cake makers are just the right utensils for you. Instead of having to go through the many steps of baking, crumbling, mixing and rolling, a cake pop maker lets you simply fill the mold with batter and then it does the rest. 

So what is the best option we can look for:

  • Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker a simple and affordable machine with a high rate. It cam make 9 cake pops with its non-stick baking plates and includes convenient features like a latching handle and chord wrap.
  • So in situations like a party or family gathering you have just the right 

Available on Amazon.com at just $29.99

Another best option available is Brentwood :

  • It can make 12 cake at a time. The baking time for a batch of cake pops is approximately 4 minutes. It is very stylish and attractive and doesn’t take much space in the cupboards 
  • It also includes a power or pre-heat, indicator light which is very useful. These little devices can get very hot so the cool touch handles on this baker are essential. The unit will also automatically turn off when it senses that the temperature is too high. You can also make pancake bites or cinnamon sugar donors with it

Available on Amazon.com with just $21.66

Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker
Image Credit – Amazon.com

Another important factor of the kitchen that has been in the use for a long time Pressure Cookers make life much headache free and easy by cooking food under a short amount of time. They are economical both in the amount of power they use and are also ideal for tendering cheaper cuts of meat. It’s an very affordable and simple to use machine in which a noob can also prepare food and since pressure cookers also retains nutrients well, thus the food you get is also healthier.

If you are looking for an advanced and technologized cooker but within an affordable range then Faberware: 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker is just the right choice  for you:

  • This model offers 9 pre-set buttons and a large LED display for customizable cooking. All the pre-set have adjustable times and many have adjustable temperatures as well.
  • For easy and simple cooking it is the best option for you.

Its available at Walmart at just $50

But for those who are looking for a more sophisticated and ultra-modern cooker, individuals who love to prepare a lot of dishes and in every sense a true cook inside the heart should definitely opt for Breville: The Fast Slow Pro Multi-Function Cooker:

  • While this highly rated model is a tad bit pricey but is very useful and dependable. The hands free stream release allows users ability to truly walk away and come back when the meal is ready.
  • It has 11 pre-sets for pressure cooking and 8 for slow cooking and in addition to custom settings for both. This electric pressure cooker also boasts a progress bar, so you know just how much longer you have to wait on your meal.

Available on Amazon at $250

Electric Skillets

Electric Skillets
Image Credit – Amazon.com

Its basically a sort of pan used for the purpose of cooking various dishes like noodles and etc. The only differences is that unlike other pans it runs on electricity and the food is cooked under a short amount of time. Unlike traditional stovetops which may have hotspot and uneven heat, electric skillets consistently keep the temperature you said. So the chances of burning your food or wasting it is absolutely out of the question. If you are new into cooking and trying to experiment your new discovered talent then:

  • Oster DuraCeramic 12-Inch Electric Skillet is just the one for you. It’s very much so affordable and its Dura Ceramic surface is free of PTFE (a strong, tough, waxy, nonflammable synthetic resin) PFOA chemicals. Ceramic want flake or peel as easily as regular non stick treated skillets and this particular models promises to be four times more durable. It’s efficient too by 20 percent able to reach your desired temperature faster.

It is available on Walmart at just $52

And for those who looking for a bit more pricey one that will go with modern and spacey kitchen then you should definitely opt for All-Clad Electric Nonstick Skillet,7 – Quart:

  • With bonded, single ply stainless steel construction that works hard to distribute heat evenly across it’s oversized 14 inch, non-stick surface and capabilities that go from keep worm to sear, this prestigious brand name appliance earns its hefty price tag.
  • Also the proprietary Eterna coating, which is known to be among the world’s most durable, scratch-resistant nonstick treatments. Its notable 1800-watt capability—on par with electric woks, which prioritize heating—is hundreds of watts over the standard max. There’s a permanent steam vent in the tempered glass lid, and a glossy mirror finish on the exterior. The removable cooking insert is oven- and broiler-safe up to 600 degrees, giving you more flexible use out of one small appliance to create a sum greater than its parts

It is available at William’s Sonoma at $210 also available at Walmart too at the same price.

Food Processors

Food Processors
Image Credit – Amazon.com

If not anything food processors are the Ultimate weapon of the kitchen. The all in all kitchen utensils that not only saves you a lot of money but also can be used to prepare a lot of dishes with just this one product. But the thing is when it comes to food processors you have to be very precise while setting it up since every food or mixes that you prepare on this particular utensil needs different setting system. You have to keep changing it depending on the dish you are preparing. Do not mix it with Blenders unlike blenders food processors can do a lot more.

Not which one to go with. You can consider:

  • Morphy Richard’s Icon Superb 1000-watt Food Processors. With an high rating of 9.2 it has 11 different kinds of attachments, child lock feature for added safety, 6 Stainless steel blades and not only that but also 7 unique jars for multiple function.
  • It also provides 2 year warranty on the product.

Available at Amazon.com at just 117.23

Sometimes food processors can get pretty confusing so if you want to opt for a more easy one then there is:

  • Hamilton Beach 70725A Food Processor. Provides with a stainless steel slicing/shredding disc. Has a easy stack and snap assembly with a much more simple function guide included. 
  • It also comes with 12 sealed cup bowls and also with the facility of 450 watt motor. 

This is also available at Amazon at $138.07


Image Credit – Amazon.com

Fryers is another beneficial equipment that not only offers you delicious food with much less work but also is yet another easy to use utensils. In situations where you organize a party or a gathering products like these always comes handy. Now it depends on what type of fryer you are buying it can be an air fryer just for the individual use Or a proper electric deep fryer. Before buying you should consider what is required in for your kitchen.

If it’s for just the individual use, for your taste and such then best opt for Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer:

  • This deep fryer checks all the boxes, including a removable 1,800-watt immersion heating element that can heat the oil quickly and recover the temperature after food is added. Because of its compact size, many reviewers are happy with how easy it is to store and how little oil it requires, which results in an easier clean-up.
  • You can adjust the temperature from 175 to 375 degrees with a simple dial, and a second dial lets you set the cooking time up to 30 minutes. The lights indicate that the cooker is on and when the temperature is reached.
  • The basket is made from stainless steel and has a handle that will stay cool while you’re cooking, so it will be easy to remove the basket, shake the food, or empty it after cooking

It is available on Williams-Sonoma just for $80

But if the deep fryer you are looking for is to entertain your family and a big gathering  then you should definitely go for:

  • Vivohome Large-Capacity Electric Deep Fryer its built for commercial use, but it’s affordable enough for home kitchens. It has two separate sections for deep-frying, each with its own heater and controls, so the fries can stay separate from the fish, and the doughnuts won’t taste like shrimp. Each tank holds a bit over 10 quarts and the two rectangular baskets hold just over 6 quarts, so there’s plenty of room to cook for a crowd.
  • There are covers for the tanks and cool-touch handles on the baskets for safe frying. Since each side has its own power and power cord, it’s easy to use just one side for small jobs. Each side draws significant power and should be plugged into separate circuits to avoid tripping breakers.

Its available on Amazon.com in just $190

Hot Pot

Hot Pot
Image Credit – Amazon.com

Another very essential appliance required for the kitchen. A utensil that also has been in use for a long time. It keeps your cooked meals warm and covered up but also are used for cooking a specialised Chinese food known as steamboat or soup- food. Basically an Hot Pot can be used for various purposes. Depends on what you require. If you want to opt for a high standard hot pot then:

  • Zojirushi is known best for its high-quality rice cookers and vacuum flasks, and the brand brings that same standard of excellence to the Gourmet d’Expert.
  • This is another multi-functional appliance that comes with a deep dish inner pan big enough for a large quantity of hot pot and shabu shabu, a tempered glass lid to help steam dumplings and vegetables, and a titanium-ceramic nonstick plate for grilling. 
  • The pot has an adjustable temperature from 176 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to keep food warm or bring it all the way to a high boil in just a matter of minutes.

It is available on Walmart at $100

But if you’re looking for just a simple one to meet your daily basis and requirements at an affordable price then I present you with Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini:

  • This model is ideal for feeding a small family (or a single, hearty appetite with room for leftovers) and compact enough to stow away without monopolizing your cabinet space.
  • This multi-functioning appliance can also be used for steaming, boiling pasta and noodles, or serving as a tea kettle—particularly useful in smaller, kitchenless spaces, like studio apartments, offices, and dorm rooms.
  • The interior is made of easy-to-clean, food-grade stainless steel and comes with a glass lid. Its rotating base allows for easy maneuvering and also serves as storage for the power cord, and the handle stays cool for easy transport to the table.

It is available on Amazon.com at $27

Micro Oven

Micro Oven
Image Credit – Amazon.com

A crucial appliance is required in everyone’s life on a daily basis. I mean who would like to go over to the stove again to overheat the food. It is a kind of lazy work which most of us don’t prefer so for that we have Micro Oven the ultimate savior. It heats our food for us also by giving a specific time so we don’t have to wait long. 

Since there are a lot of options out there what will be the best one for your kitchen:

  • Well there’s The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS that handles all your basic tasks and balances counter space with a roomy capacity. Available in either black or silver stainless steel, this countertop microwave has an interior capacity of 1.2 cubic feet while measuring just over 20 inches wide and 17 inches long. Its 1,100 watts of power can be adjusted with 10 power settings, and our tester found that it cooks food evenly and quickly.
  • The unit is also equipped with sensor cooking and two defrost settings.

You can find it on Farmandfleet.com at just $130

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly one then without a doubt you should go for AmazonBasics 0.7 Cu. Ft. Small Microwave:

  • As the name suggests this affordable microwave offers 700 watts of power in a small footprint that’s perfect for a small home or apartment. The black exterior and control panel gives this microwave a standard look that doesn’t reveal just how budget-friendly it is.
  • This model has your typical pre-set cooking functions for foods like pizza and beverages and has an LED display that features a clock and a timer. It even has a child lock to keep curious kids out of trouble.

It is available on Amazon.com at just $75

Well here you go with the list of the most basic and much-needed appliances for your kitchen, so your kitchen doesn’t get overcrowded and you get everything that you need.

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