Who doesn’t like to travel? At some point of life we all need a break, a handful few days where we can just detach ourselves from the outside world and enjoy the peace of life, where we can give us much needed space and an new perspective and outlook on certain things.

We get to learn a lot of new things when we travel be it about the place, people, culture everything we see provides us with an hint of new information. Travelling always helps clearing our heads and gives the body the much needed rest that it requires. It relaxes our chakra and gives the individual a lot of happy memories and instances that forever stays in our heart. Thus it’s an essential program in every individual’s life.

Hence nowadays in the 21st century we see a lot of travelling agencies or we might say a lot of travelling sites that helps us acquire our dream to enjoy a perfect vacation.

One such site is the Traveluro website which like any other digital traveling site makes our work easier by providing us with a lot of hotel options; since during a vacay time a standard set of environment and living is just what a person needs and that too while providing a fair discount. It makes the situation much more easier and reduces a lot of headaches.

Their site permits to book the best arrangement regardless of whether that implies picking a non refundable choice, and offer that reservation to another client if an certain individuals plan changes. With the huge number of clients seeing their arrangements consistently, they are sure that any booking will be sold in matter of seconds.

Clients can likewise check the discover page to observe selective Traveler deals posted day to day by different explorers – exceptional proposals at a fantastic cost. In an alien territory we wouldn’t be able to differ between good and bad Traveluro also helps in establishing that and covering up that particular field. Review Review

Technology nowadays is at the peak of our hands with every moving step forward we need it and yearn for it. And with this technology only a lot of new conventional ways has come into our view which not only made life simpler but smooth as well.

All it requires is just a simple click and the right method and then whoosh we will reach our desired path. At least that’s the vision we all aim to reach. It takes us to various apps and sites which helps fastening the process.

Traveluro is claimed to be one of those sites which is all about the voyagers of the world. It assists travellers with finding extra ordinary inn bargains for top travel destinations not only that but also makes sure that the wanderers come back for more.

From generally speaking explorers and travellers might experience some of the time life disrupts which can end up in changing all the laid out plans. Whenever that occurs Traveluro acclaim to ensures that the travellers soul isn’t squashed, explorers love for travel stay solid and the cash doesn’t go down the channel.

Traveluro does this by offering voyagers the chance to offer their inn reservations to another person in the event if the traveller can no longer use it or cancel it.

While going through the website it seemed like that the site is pretty much content and confident in its approach. It not only offers a mellow time but also claims to provide Quality Service – The site assures and states that whenever needed their customer service hotline will always be available 24/7 and will try to help the onlookers any way possible.

Their qualified agent will always be present in time of need and there will be no issues in communicating because the said agents are trained in 6 different languages and more to count. They are said to work tirelessly and with full dedication so that the customers can feel fulfilled and find solutions to their problems.

Smooth Sailing

The site believes in an much more simple setting and not an complex one, so that the customer doesn’t face any problem while booking their tickets and looking for their desired destination.

Best Bottom Line

As individuals who love to travel we realise there is nothing more terrible than is being surprised by fine print and hidden messages, that most shady services try to do charging twice or while reaching the hotel some sought of procedure one suddenly has to go through while loosing a bunch of cash in the process. With Traveluro there are no such unexpected charges and no secret expenses, simply the best cost period.

It’s pretty simple actually just typing the name properly would direct the user to the site. Before signing or making an account it is highly advised to all the individuals to go through the websites terms and condition page which is highlighted just below the page.

It is very important to go through the details and see if that matches the individuals quota. The site has quite a number of rules and regulation itself that one may notice if followed the said instruction.

First obviously comes the Acceptance of Terms which in every circumstances should be read properly; It states that the site reserves the right in its sole discretion, to revise or modify the terms at anytime and the user agree to be bound by such revisions or modifications.

The user is responsible for viewing these terms periodically. If the individual continue to use the services after a change or modifications of this terms then that will be taken as the person’s acceptance to the new terms.

The said website also reserves the right to issue a warning regarding the violation or to immediately terminate or suspense all or part of an individual’s account if the mentioned terms are not followed.

After that another important aspect that comes after this is the Account Information option. Of course in order to register in the said website one has to create an account; just like in any other social media platform here also the subject has to select a username and password.

Under any cases one shall not share their account or login details or let anyone else get access towards it. If there is any uncalled proceedings taking place in the individuals account the person immediately shall let Traveluro know so that the account information can be modified.

According to Traveluro’s rules and regulation one is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login information and shall be held responsible for all uses including purchases whether or not authorised by the individual.

The individual is also responsible for anything that happens through their account whether or not such actions were taken by the said person. Therefore he or she must acknowledge that their account may be terminated if someone else uses it to engage in any kind of activity that violates the said terms.

It is also very important to know that when it comes to Payment; The individual after signing his or her account agrees and acknowledges that any payments made by the person in regard to the platform shall be paid to and collected by Traveluro’s US subsidiary – Splitty Travel Inc, who acts as merchant of record for the purposes hereof.

In addition to the foregoing, Traveluro may selectively remove, revoke or garnishee Benefits associated with the individuals account. ‘Benefits’ mean licensed rights granted, awarded, gifted, provided to or purchased by the user to get access or use online or offline elements of the service, and include but are not limited to customer content, digital or virtual assets.

If one’s account or a particular subscription for a service associated with the individuals account is terminated, suspended or if any benefits are selectively removed, revoked or garnished from the persons account then no refunds will be granted, no benefits will be credited and the person will have no access to his or her account.

Coming to the last but not the least point Refund Policy Any request for a refund and a reservation made and approved will be the subject to Additional terms and applicable laws. Once Traveluro receive the said request for a refund, the service will inspect and scrutinize it and then let the individual know.

Most importantly Traveluro is not responsible for any taxes, levies, charges or expenses of any kind an certain particular may incur as a result of any payment made by the person for his or her use in regard to the service.

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorised use of an individual’s credit card by third parties, most banks or credit card companies bear the risk and cover all the charges resulting from such fraud or misuse. Thus Traveluro clearly will not take the fall for this issue as well.

Traveluro Review
Traveluro Review

After digging deep and going through the latest updates its rather been seen that Traveluro is not what it presents itself to be. It’s all over rating is 1.8 only the Splitty Travels which is associated with Traveluro presents the review to be 3.7 which is rather suspicious because other rating platforms does not agree with at all.

Through some background check it can also be seen that the customers had to go through a lot of mishap. According to the reports of 2022 it came to our notice that their has been a lot of negative comments and remarks.

One of our close contact also had to go through some very disappointing situation which being said they charged her credit card for a room but did not pay the hotel. Thankfully the hotel had a room available and she was able to pay the hotel directly and get some rest.

Our said contact tried emailing the site many times to request to refund. They did respond once with stall tactics but after that there was no response and hence she had to report the charge asfraud with her credit card company.

After a month again she did receive another email saying that Traveluro will refund her money. But then they quickly changed their direction saying that they can’t refund the money because she disputed the charge. If she would only cancel the oh-so-slow dispute process, they would process her refund quickly, which does not sound believable at all.

Another such situation was that the client whilst checking into her motel discovered that her said room was dirty and everything was in disrepair. The front desk employee cancelled her reservation right in front of the said individual and informed that the hotel had not received any money from her side.

She immediately contacted Traveluro. They sent an email saying that they are working on it and have not responded since then. Now she is out of $400 and cannot find a phone number for the company.

Now coming back to the questions.

Not at all. From going through the reviews and doing an background check it’s been outlined that Traveluro is a scam and a fraud. Its very suspicious and does not treat it’s client well. There has also been a lot of piled up cases that are yet to be solved by Traveluro and the customers are since then been waiting.

Even though the website has a page that seems to be welcoming and productive it cannot be jotted down to being legit. It all depends on the performance and how real the site is being with the customers. And from what we can gather Traveluro is hardly being productive and real. So considering everything it’s not legit at all.

Better to be safe then sorry. Since the individual is spending a lot of money here it’s exclusively advised to spend it on some much more trustworthy site that is widely known and used rather than spending on an website that had received a lot of complaints and is still on suspicious grounds.

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