Top 10 Computer Science Homework Help Websites

Top 10 Computer Science Homework Help Websites

The study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their concepts, hardware and software designs, applications etc. is known as computer science (CS). Computer science is the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, hardware and software designs, applications, and social impact (CS).

There could be many reasons for which you can’t do your homework yourself including difficulty, lack of time due to college piled up assignments or any other work. You can always ask some help.

If you are into college and if you are feeling stuck in the slump of your computer science homework, there are several websites available that will complete your coding assignments and projects for you. Students all around the world do not always have the time or willingness to take care of everything on their own due to the many shortcomings in the educational system. In this case, programming assignment websites might come in handy.

The websites listed below will not only help you understand the principles of programming and solve any coding problems that may arise, but they will also point you in the right direction for studying, giving you an advantage over your competition.

To help you locate the appropriate website, we’ve compiled a list of 10 websites that have been assessed for dependability and trustworthiness we’ve also taken affordability in account.



Our number one choice is Assignmentoverflow, they have been the most trusted website in the business since 2017. This website has above 300 reviews on the Trust pilot and has a rating of 4.7/5, which is the highest among computer science homework websites. The website’s headquarters are in Naples, Florida, USA.

If you’re in a panic because a deadline is approaching, this website can help.

Apart from Computer Science, they provide aid with java, PHP, C, C++, HTML, databases, and python assignment help

They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and always provide assignments on time. The organisation assures 100 percent plagiarism-free and unique work.

After filling out the form with necessary details, the experts from the website contact you within a few minutes and give you a quotation, after you make the payment, experts start working on your assignment and you get regular updates on WhatsApp.

This company has one of the best response times, and if you are not satisfied with the work, they refund your money back.

The best thing about the service is that they only recruit professionals who are certified programmers and not freelancers. With 100% satisfaction rate this website is our Top 1 choice to get your homework done.



This website has been in business for many years and has completed 2,660+ projects with the assistance of 80+ programming specialists in various sectors while retaining a client rating of 4.5, which is fairly impressive. They offer a wide range of programming languages.

The organisation produces programmes that are free of plagiarism and fully annotated so that you can quickly comprehend the code and make any necessary adjustments in the future.

The website’s response time is particularly impressive; the corporation claims to respond within 9 minutes, regardless of the time the request is submitted.,

Here’s what we like about the website-

  • Quick response time
  • Affordable price
  • 100% confidentiality
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • many coding languages

After the advent of covid, entire education system has become online along with evaluations and examinations, Hence, the website offers help with online examinations. You can check the availability of experts with the support team.



Another highly recommended website that we have tried and tested ourselves is Lovely Coding this is a famous website and is in the market from a while. They provide many kinds of services from final year project to your daily homework.

They offer:

  • Software development assistance – They assist with assignments including System software and Application software.
  • Programming assistance – They assist with programming in C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, CSS, R, and other languages.
  • Project Assistance- They offer project assistance in web development, app development, data structures and algorithms, and data science.

The website is very neatly made and is very easy to use and understand all you need to do is submit the assignment, make payment, sit back and you will receive the solution before the deadline.

They provide the service in very minimal prices and the service is top notch we were very satisfied from the complete outcome

The customer care service is very friendly, and they sort queries 24*7.

The service has 4.3 stars on Trust Pilot and the customers are really satisfied.

The company hires professionals who are in the business from a while.

Here are some of our favorite features of the website:

  • Provide data integration, a trustworthy API, and microservices to enhance the software
  • Three-step quality control
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee
  • Simple PayPal payment
  • Reliable professionals


This website offers expert homework help for 300+ subjects and has successfully supplied over 20,000 answers, but they excel at coding assignments. They have around 500 pros working for them who can help you with your programming homework.

Simply send them an email outlining your programme needs as well as your work environment, such as the IDE you use to launch the programmes, desired outcome, and deadline.

You only need to make a partial payment when you submit the assignment and select the deadline. You will receive your solutions on or before the deadline. And you can pay in full once you’ve received the solution.

Services include-

  • C, C++, C#
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Pearl
  • HTML and CSS
  • R programming
  • Haskell
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • TypeScript etc.

They also permit revisions to the document till you are completely satisfied with the result.

Here’s why we like assignment deadlines:

  • Completely free of plagiarism
  • Crisp code and content
  • Reasonably priced
  • Helpful client service
  • Option for partial payment
  • Timely delivery.

They have a good online reputation, with a 4.96/5 rating on SiteJabber and excellent feedback on sites like and

This website is highly recommended by us.



Fav tutors is one of the top computer assignment and homework help website they provide qualified and expert component professionals to work on your assignment.

They provide the service in an affordable price you just need to submit your homework and their experts will analyse it and provide you with a time frame in which they will be able to complete it.

They also assist you in understanding the concepts; they also make some fast notes to assist you in understanding the assignment and explaining the answer in a step-by-step manner.

They have tutors across the world which helps them understand the assignment better. The pricing is student friendly, and they provide customer support around the clock.

Fav tutors have 4.7 stars on trust pilot which is a good amount.



Letstacle offers programming homework assistance in all prominent programming languages and computer science including C++, Java, Python, Kotlin, C#, C, Fortran, JavaScript, and HTML.

They not only assist you in completing your homework assignments, but they also provide Python training via video lectures. You can tell them the topic you’re dealing with as well as your doubts, and they’ll send you video lectures explaining the topic and clearing your worries. You can submit them more doubts in a week, and they’ll clear it in the form of another video lecture.

They can also take your online tests instead of you. You can call them and inquire about the availability of their expertise.

To use their services, fill out a form with your specifications and wait for a quote from them. Once you complete the appropriate money, the specialists will begin working on your task.

Payment is currently only possible through PayPal.

They have mostly positive internet evaluations, including a 5/5 rating on Site Jabber and a 4.5/5 rating on Trusted. Website, but we have discovered a few negative reviews on Facebook and other channels, so do your homework before investing in the website.

7. Homework Help Online

Homework help online provides help with Physics, math, programming, and economics etc. As a result, you won’t have to worry about inept personnel working on your project. This could be an issue with websites that aid in hundreds of subjects, failing to master any of them.

Aside from assignment assistance, they also offer free evaluations of your work so you can gain a better grasp of your situation and the necessity for the service.

Homework help online has been in operation since 2013 and has completed over 12,000 assignments with a success rate of 97.5 percent by 2021.

In comparison to other websites, their figures appear more realistic. We have seen a boom in this market since Covid and completing millions of assignments prior to Covid was nearly impossible owing to a lack of online programmes and assignments.

The cost of the assignment depends on several factors but they’ve provided a rough estimate for you to work with.

  • regular homework: $20 – $150
  • advanced homework: $100 – $300
  • group project: $150 – $500
  • live exam help: $100 – $200
  • full thesis: $1000 – $3000

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of work you receive, another expert analyses your claim; if it is found to be real, you are refunded, and the freelancer who worked on your project is blocked, ensuring that they only produce high-quality outcomes in the future.

The website has a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, a 5-star rating on SiteJabber, and excellent feedback on SuperProf and Facebook. We found no negative feedback and highly recommend the website.

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Do my coding is a professional coding assignment service, having been in the market for over 15 years and spanning 20+ STEM fields. Despite serving so many individuals over the course of 15 years, they maintain a 99 percent on-time delivery rate.

To begin, you must fill out a form with the information of your assignment before proceeding to purchase it. The website will start working on your task, and you can monitor its progress at any time.

They also have a calculator on their website that can estimate the price of your assignment based on:

  • the type of assignment, which might be web development, app development, data analytics, algorithms, or anything else; and
  • the size of the task, which can range from extra small to large.
  • The deadline, which might range from 4h to 14d.

Depending on the size of the project, they outline the deliverables you may expect, which may include source code, screenshots of results, documentation, a full report, and a presentation.

They also provide free editing within 7 days of project clearance and a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your assignment.

The website has a 4.1 rating on Trustpilot and has received favourable feedback from review sites such as geekandnerd, ratemywriters, and

9. Assignment core

9. Assignment core
9. Assignment core

Assignment core offers a wide range at a reasonable price. They use competent and qualified individuals to complete the task. They offer homework in a variety of languages. The service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the process is straightforward.

You will need to fill in the specifics and provide all of the information, you will be assigned an expert and will be able to communicate with them, and you will be able to choose among several programming experts that you believe are ideal for your work.

You can remain involved throughout the job and provide specifics.

The company has completed over 1 lakh orders and there are many happy customers, they guarantee the security as they provide encryption on personal and payment details. The site is protected from DDoS attacks by internationally approved software.

The website is legit, and the service is fast if you are looking for urgent homework help.

They also offer many modes of payments and there are details about latest orders and experts on the website.

I would suggest you to read the terms and conditions of refund policy before investing your money.


This assignment assistance website appears to be designed specifically for foreign Indian students, students who work part-time to support their education and don’t want to waste a lot of that valuable money on assignments.

The company has 5000+ experts who promises to provide good grades they have processed over 2 million orders so far and have a customer rating of 4.9/5. This company helps in 100+ subjects

They claim to have the lowest market pricing and the option to pay in INR, which saves you a lot of conversion costs to USD or GBP.

For transparency, they have also posted their best tutors on the website.

However, once we reach the particular programming assignment page, the information is displayed in a rather clustered fashion.

They have connected several assignment answers from prestigious colleges throughout the world, but you cannot view them for free, therefore we cannot speak for the reliability of their deliverables. As a result, we sought out to various websites to solicit feedback on the website.
Online websites give a mixed review, it has positive reviews on websites like Site Jabber and with 3.9 and 4.3 rating respectively.


Those were some of the greatest programming assignment assistance websites. We made certain that the list included a wide range of website types. Because almost all of the people who use these sites’ services are students, we sought to choose the most affordable ones.

Assignmentoverflow and Lovelycoding are our top picks because they provide the best service so far.

Even though these websites are intended to assist you, utilize them prudently and only when absolutely necessary.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions before investing your money.

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