A CV (short for curriculum vitae, which means “course of life”) is a comprehensive document that describes your professional and academic achievements. Work experience, achievements and awards, scholarships or grants you’ve received, courses, research projects, and publications of your work are often included in CVs. When applying for positions in academia or jobs outside of India, you may be requested to provide a CV.

With the fast advancement of digitalization, there are few questions that cannot be answered on the internet. On the internet, you may also discover various blogs about how to make a perfect CV, what to do and what not. Your CV is a personal sales tool and your first chance to make a good first impression throughout the recruiting process. It may sound cliched, but with 20 to 30 individuals vying for each position, a high-impact CV with compelling and relevant information will offer you a significant competitive edge.

But, regardless of your research, have you ever been perplexed when it came time to write your CV? you’re not alone, almost everyone encounters the same problem. This is where CV writing services comes in the picture.

You basically hire a professional who has been in the field from a while to write your CV for you. The professional always have some of the other experiences in the field of hiring process, they must know the ATS algorithm which will help you get selected for the further rounds like an interview.

If you are searching on the internet about CV writing websites, you’ll come across many advertisements

Is this website a scam?

If you are worried about this website being a scam you don’t need to fret, is not a scam this website has been in the market from 20 years and to cross check the authenticity I ordered a service from them to see how it compared to the other agencies I’ve used so far.

About the website

The website of is well made, for both the mobile interface and the computer interface, on the cover page they’ve mentioned how the service will help you.
However, the grammar and wording of the content on the website is a bit over the place, not offering any professionalism to the first look, which could very well be a bad omen already.
Optimum CV is a dynamic asset, especially with the advent of Application Tracking System (ATS) and other Artificial Intelligence advances in recruitment process, at least the first round of hiring is automated in most large enterprises.
This means the Recruiting software goes through an enormous number of resumes every day and only shortlists the best of the lot.
Therefore, you need to have a flawless CV to advance to further rounds.

And they’ve mentioned all the services that you can avail from the website along with testimonials to support their claims.

Before you invest in their services, you can also avail a free review of your current resume by the professionals.
After availing any of their services, the website provides additional support for an entire year for any necessary tweaks in their resume, free of cost.

Services offered

If you look at the website of, there are all services mentioned on the left on the cover page itself.

The services include

  • Same day revamp- the company has clearly mentioned what a revamp is, they do not claim to completely re-write the CV from the scratch, but they can improve the CV within 12-hours between 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and if they are not able to do it, they’ll refund full amount
    Cost – $70.69
  • Graduate/entry level CV- It is ideal if you are currently studying or have recently graduated with little or no work experience. It will include cover letter, interview advice eBook and unlimited revisions for one year.
    Cost – $87.53
  • Professional package- they’ve not mentioned the target audience of the professional package (which is a flaw), we are guessing the professional package is for people with higher job experience.
    The competition for job at professional level is extreme, and we can see more than 30 people being assessed for a single vacancy.
    High impact bespoke resumes will help you stand out.
    The package includes Professional CV, Cover letters, keyword optimization for ATS, Interview advice eBook and unlimited tweaking for a year.
    Cost – $172.62
  • Career Change Package- When changing career into a different industry, one might face lack of relevant skills to add in the CV.
    The professional writers at will help you in translating your experiences and expertise into tangible skills for the new career profile in a functionable layout.
    The package includes CV, Cover letters, keyword optimization for ATS, Interview advice eBook and unlimited tweaking for a year.
    Cost – $178.51
  • Executive Package – Once you’re applying for Managerial or Executive positions, the lack of skills and experiences rarely tends to be a problem, here helps you in communicating your work ethics and how your goals match with company’s vision, supporting your focus and value proposition.
    This package includes CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn profile re-write, keyword optimization for ATS, Interview advice eBook and unlimited tweaking for a year.
    Cost – $249.17
  • LinkedIn profile re-write – The website also offers a standalone LinkedIn profile re-write for the people not falling into the Executive category
    Cost – Variable (Contact for pricing)
  • Cover Letters- Cover letters provide you the opportunity to introduce yourself briefly yet excitingly, in a manner that entices the recruiter to read your CV with interest.
    The website offers Cover letter rewrites in as soon as 6 hours via e-mail
    Cost – $37.5

For all the services mentioned, the website provides standard delivery along with two faster delivery options for an added cost of $18.75 and $25 respectively.
For the CVs, the standard delivery is 3-5 business days while the express options are for 2 and 1 business days respectively.
For the cover letter re-write, the standard delivery is 48-72hrs and the express options are for 24h and 6h respectively.
They have not mentioned any delivery time for LinkedIn profile re-writes.

Ratings and Reviews

The highlights Its 5/5 rating on with over 500 reviews and also has a 5/5 rating on google reviews but the reviews on Edu Reviewer and Top CV writers are contradictory, at 2.7/5 and 5.7/10 respectively.
Whereas Top CV services rate it 7.4/10. The ratings at different websites do not help us arrive at any concrete conclusion. however, if we were to look at the number of reviews, the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones.

Trustpilot – 5/5 (550 reviews)
Google review – 5/5 (46 reviews)
Edu Reviewer – 2.7/5 (Review article)
Top CV writers – 5.7/10 (Review article)
Top CV services – 7.4/10 (Review article)

Our verdict is one of the oldest professional CV writing services and you can trust it to give you an output in the promised time.
But, the quality of the output is not what we would expect from a company that is in the industry for 20 years, they mention having in-house professional CV writers but fail to provide any qualifications or tractions for them.
I’d ideally make the decision invest only after knowing who will be working on the resume.
The Resume we received is not something that’ll get recruiters excited
The advice eBooks were old standard interview tips, pretty outdated ones as well, that you can find anywhere on the internet.
They also do not claim any guarantee of interview call in a certain period, which is almost an industry standard in professional resume writing services nowadays.
There are better options you can go for with a little bit of added budget, but they might actually prove to be more useful in the longer run than saving a few bucks now.


If you are facing any problems with this website or are not satisfied with their work, we have listed some more trustworthy, award-winning alternatives you could look into. is a website that provides multiple services, and the trust score of this website is 4.5 out of 5. The service provided is fast, efficient, and helpful.

They also provide six months alteration period after your first draft.

Let’s Eat, Grandma is an award-winning resume and CV writing service that sits some notches in the budget range but is the top-end of quality in mid-range resume writing services.

They have different packages, including Cover-letter, LinkedIn Profile, and a guide on outreach messages and cold-mailing.

They also offer free resume review and a sample of resumes they have created along with their work procedure.


CV writing is a skill that improves with practice. These experienced resume writers can assist you in landing your ideal job by writing a resume that is ATS (application tracking system) friendly that recruiters use to check your CV.

There is a big chance of losing your money if you don’t use a trustworthy website and get subpar results or no output.

However, suppose you are still keen on utilizing the services of such professional resume writing websites. In that case, is one of the most trustworthy and up-to-mark websites for this job.

You can also hire a freelancer to work upon your CV that has relevant knowledge and expertise from Upwork or Fiverr or any other freelancing website.

Overall this website is trustworthy but we find the writing on the website a little overconfident.

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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