The Law Offices Of Bryan R. Kazarian Review

Law Offices Of Bryan R. Kazarian Review

Definition of Law

Law means court choices, orders, decisions, orders of courts, and directives according to the perspective of judges. In this way, the law is a broad term that incorporates acts, regulations, rules, guidelines, orders, statutes, equity, ethical quality, reason, nobility, regulations of the court, orders, judgment, orders of courts, directives, misdeed, law, legitimate hypothesis, and so on. Since the fall of human civilization, humanity has had some sort of rule that they themselves placed in societal laws, setting the standard by which we must live if we want to be a part of society. The law sets up rules and guidelines for the community so we can have opportunities. It gives equity to the individuals who were violated and is set up so that it is bound to safeguard us from our very own administration. Most importantly, the law also provides a mechanism to resolve disputes arising from those duties and rights and allows the parties to enforce the promises in court.

What is a Law Firm?

A law firm comprises of lawyers and non-lawyer staff who handle various errands to work with their clients. The said office comprises a group of legal counselors who might be accomplices or project workers and perform different legitimate exercises simultaneously. While a single legal counselor ordinarily handles a single client at a time. There are various positions inside the law office. This large number of associates play out their applicable assignments.

Position within the firm signals the job that a person performs for his or her firm. A successful firm has different tasks for attorneys or non-attorney staff. If all the firm members fulfill their jobs effectively, the firm will grow gradually and vice versa.

Now today, we’re going to discuss one such firm, namely, The Law Offices of Bryan R Kazarian.


  • Bryan R. Kazarian, Attorney at Law, centers around criminal regulation and practices predominately in the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties of California.
  • Mr. Kazarian got his college degree from California State University, Fresno, while taking part in the University’s football program on an athletic grant.
  • Mr. Kazarian then went to Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California, and procured different distinctions, for example, American Jurisprudence Awards, Cum Laude, and Dean’s List, and served on the Law School’s newspaper as a Law Review honors recipient prior to graduating in 1990.
  • Mr. Kazarian spent north of six years as a prosecutor, starting with the Juvenile Division and winding up in the elite Gang Unit doled out to a particular gang enforcement team. During his experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Kazarian talked at secondary schools, community colleges and served on a city’s School Attendance Review Board for observing the participation of understudies in neighborhood elementary and secondary schools.
  • As a prosecutor, Mr. Kazarian handled high-profile cases such as white collar embezzlement, attempted murder, elder abuse/poisoning, child molestation, jewelry store takeover robbery, various forms of hate crimes, and of course, gang crimes. As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Kazarian has defended clients facing a variety of criminal statute violations such as burglary, grand theft, vandalism, vehicle theft, automotive “Chop Shop” crimes, DUI, driver’s license crimes, and drug possession/sales amongst others. From these forums, Mr. Kazarian has acquired a wealth of experience as a criminal attorney.

About the firm

Experienced Attorney

The attorney of The Law Offices of Bryan R Kazarian has over 16 years of experience, so you can feel confident you will receive quality legal counsel.

Client-centered Approach

The firm claims to put its clients first. Drawing on that belief and confidence in the attorney’s knowledge of criminal law, the firm tends to find solutions that best meet the client’s individual needs.

Sophisticated Needs

To guide you through this challenging time in your life, they assure to provide sophisticated legal advice you can trust.

Superior Results

Regardless of the legal matter, they promise to work tirelessly to achieve exceptional outcomes for the said clients.

Fields they specialize on.

The Law Offices of Bryan R Kazarian has specialized on no. of fields, Some of them are here


Petty theft robbery happens when an individual unlawfully takes one more’s property that is esteemed at $950 or less. Frivolous burglary is a crime in California conveying discipline of as long as a half year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Robbery of property worth more than $950 can bring about a charge of Grand Theft under California Penal Code 487. Grand Theft can be charged as a misdeed or crime, and whenever sentenced for Grand Theft, the respondent may have to deal with upwards of 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine or up to 3 years in jail.

Domestic Violence

Assuming you are captured for an abusive behavior at home offense in California, besides the fact that you be can accused of a crime, the state can likewise remove your kids as well as put in a restraining order on you that will keep you from getting back to your own home, regardless of whether you are really the person in question.

Drug Crimes

In California, while someone convicted of more serious charges, such as the trafficking or distribution of a controlled substance, often faces a mandatory period of incarceration, even a conviction for simple possession can lead to jail time and other serious consequences.

DUI Charges

A DUI accusation is the offense of driving a vehicle while “affected by” liquor or a controlled substance. Most commonly, an individual will be accused of a DUI in the event that they are driving with a blood liquor content of 0.08 percent or higher. An individual is “under the influence” after consuming some substance, to such an extent that their physical or mental capacities are weakened so much that they can’t drive a vehicle with an alert, in a similar way as a level-headed individual would.

Notable works

Grand Theft


  • A young, aspiring make-up artist working at a department store in Orange County, CA, was charged with stealing make-up samples. At a jury trial, their firm was able to convince enough jurors that our client had no intention of stealing the items, which resulted in a mistrial.

Domestic Violence

The Law Offices of Bryan R Kazarian also handle matters related to domestic violence.

Charges Dismissed

  • A young lady with a career in the professional services industry and an out-of-state nursing license was charged with felony vandalism due to a toxic domestic relationship. The said firm was able to achieve a court dismissal of the felony charge after several meetings with the victim and the District Attorney both in and out of court.


Charges Dismissed

  • A retired Armed Services individual was involved in a rear-end collision that resulted in his arrest for DUI. Thanks to the firm’s extensive knowledge and experience with DUI cases and the various motions available allowed, them to formulate a course of action, ultimately resulting in the charges being dismissed.

Our Verdict

After going thoroughly and acquiring enough knowledge about the firm we get the idea that it is indeed a very renowned firm with a whole lot of satisfied clients and honest reviews. Thus we suggest if you are in a pickle, do not hesitate to consult the firm.

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