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A law firm is a commercial entity founded by one or more lawyers to practice law and help people in legal matters. A law firm’s principal duty is to advise clients (individuals or businesses) about their legal rights and duties, as well as to represent clients in civil or criminal lawsuits, business transactions, and other matters requiring legal advice and other help. One such law firm is Murthy law firm.

It was started in 1994 by Sheela Murthy which is particularly based upon the idea that immigration and commitment to humanity go hand in hand.

This firm started out small but has achieved a height in the field of immigration law around the world.

All about

This law firm currently has 80 attorneys working under them at the main office which is located in Baltimore suburb of Owings mills, Maryland, a satellite office in Seattle, Washington, and another 20 employees at our affiliate offices in Chennai and Hyderabad, India.

The company has a website with a lot of online services available. has always provided a lot of free information and web resources to the immigrant community.

The website provides you with up-to-date information about immigration law and policy, which is stated in layman’s terms.

They also have a weekly newsletter and RSS. You can log into the chat session and online discussion forum, and you can download their podcasts and video recording.

Murthy law firm believe in providing knowledge as public service.

Another part of Murthy law firm known as MurthyNAYAK Support programs that are socially revolutionary and impact the world one individual at a time. Their Foundation funds organizations provide decent nourishment, educational opportunities, and cheap health care to women, children, and immigrants both here and abroad, while also working to protect their legal and human rights.

What Does Murthy Law Firm Do?

This law firm represents different types of companies ranging from small to mid-sized, and people going through U.D immigration process.

They exclusively work on the areas including the immigration and laws regarding immigration, and they provide employees and employers an appropriate strategy for immigration.

Advanced office technology is used by the law company for document creation, client case management, communication, and internal coordination. This enables them to successfully manage client case work that ranges from a short, uncomplicated process to a long-term, complex matter.

How Does the Process Work?

The Murthy law firm believes in the convenient aand easy consultation for anyone who is located in USA or need help with US immigration matters from abroad.

You just need to fill out a simple form given on the right side of the website under the name- individual inquiry form or Employer Inquiry form.

The employer inquiry form is for people who needs consultation about immigration of their firm or employees. Individuals and families should submit an inquiry using the Individual Inquiry Form.

Fees and billing information can be found in the Fees & Billing section, you can get a fee quote by just filling out some details.

After the process when it is established that the Murthy Law Firm will represent you, their Client Services Department will provide you with a legal representation agreement (LRA). The LRA is tailored to your procedure and varies depending on whether the client is a corporation or a person or family.

Practice Areas

The firm’s major area of practice is U.S. immigration law, as it is one of the most complex areas of law, because it is ever changing.

The firm provide advice with immigration law to-

  • Small business
  • Mid-sized businesses
  • Academic students
  • Exchange visitors
  • Vocational students
  • Investors/ traders shifting business to US
  • Agricultural labor
  • Temprory labor
  • Trainee
  • Atheletes and group enterprises
  • International cultural exchange programs
  • Fiancé of US citizen etc


The reviews of the website are pretty good people have said that Murthy law firm is the best in the market for consultation about US immigration.

All the reviews have suggested that the firm takes their job very seriously and understands that US immigration is a complex process many people suffer from it and they provide the best assistance for any problem you face in the process.

They have a long line of experience, and they carry knowledge of every problem a person or enterprise can face during the process of US immigration.

Our Verdict

After closely looking at the service and after talking to many users we have conclude that this service is a one to choose. While there are some negative comments about the work culture from the employees who used to work in the firm, almost all the users were satisfied

They have helped people in the most difficult time with precision.

They have their forum for people who need updates about immigration laws along with podcasts.

Response time is especially amazing with the chat and the call process.

Getting a fee quote before even getting help is beneficial, so that you can book the service according to your budget.


Overall, the website is helpful in many ways. US immigration laws are very difficult to understand and follow and the company provides the assistance that you need at its best.

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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