Herman Miller Review

Herman Miller Review

Working for long hours and sitting in the same position causes many health issues like backache, neckache, etc. Back pain is caused by sitting incorrectly for an extended length of time or by sitting in an inappropriate position. Ergonomic chairs offer excellent lumbar support, which helps treat and prevent lower back problems. And many other issues like neck and arm aches.

That is why people invest in good-quality chairs that support their back correctly and help maintain a correct posture without pain.

Herman Miller has been one of the most famous and amazing chair manufacturers and retailers. But the chairs are pretty expensive, much more than many chairs in the market that serve almost the same purpose, and there is always a controversy about the worth of this chair.

In this article, we’ve explained why this chair is expensive and whether it is worth it.

History of Herman Miller

The history of Herman miller goes a long back. In 1905 a company named star furniture opened in Michigan. After a while, the company hired De Pree as president of the company, who then convinced his father-in-law Herman Miller to, but the majority share. He renamed the company Herman Miller in 1923.

What Does Herman Miller Make?

They make a lot of quality furniture, including office chairs, side chairs, stacking chairs, stools, lounge seating benches, etc.

If we talk about office chairs specifically, Herman Miller has a lot of products under them as well. The Aeron chair, cosm chair, and Embody chairs are some of the most famous ones.

Herman Miller Review
Credit – hermanmiller.com

Why Is Herman Miller so Expensive?

There are several reasons for the price. Herman miller chairs give you perfect posture, and the quality of the material is excellent. Let’s look deep into the reasons that this chair costs a ton.

Long Term Warranty

When you buy any Herman miller chair, you’re provided with a 12-year warranty. Considering the company is giving a 12- year warranty, it is only feasible if the quality of the material is top-notch and expensive. And very precise construction and nearly no tolerance for errors.

They provide speedy and efficient quality support to all the customers, and along with that, it also comes with a 30-day replacement policy if you happen not to like the chair. You can contact customer support for the same.

Even the process of warranty is pretty straightforward. You can send them a video or photo describing the problem, and they’ll send someone to pick up the chair and replace or fix it for you, depending on the situation.

The long-term warranty also clarifies that it is a fair investment as you don’t need to buy another chair for years.

Built Quality

Herman Miller is known for its quality and for employing the best engineers and designers worldwide. It is built from advanced materials that make it comfortable and durable.

The material used includes Nylon 6, a flexible, rigid polymer that does not lose its strength even after prolonged usage.

Inside the Nylon 6 is unique glass material to give even more durability.

The Mesh in Aeron chairs comprises Elastomeric monofilaments that are extruded from PTT, which means resistance, elastic recovery, and resilience. And the mesh feels soft and smooth, not like many other mesh chairs.

These materials and more are costly and provide durability, comfort, and strength.

Quality Control

Herman Miller chairs are made with precision. The design and artistry take time and effort, reflected in the price. The production is in-house; there is no outsourcing to other firms.

They have total control over design and manufacturing, ensuring that everything meets their expectations. The chair goes through many quality control tests similar to or sometimes even outperforms real-life use.

For example, scratching, leaving the chair exposed to 160 hours of ultraviolet light, dropping boiling water on a chair, leaving staining agents to check the washability, etc.

Herman Miller Review
Image Credit – Herman Miller

Why Do We Think Herman Miller Chairs Are Worth It?

Great customization

Herman Miller chairs are highly customizable; you can choose from multiple materials and features on the website. The customization of the chair can be done on the basis of your office aesthetics.

You can also choose from their chair selector feature, which asks some questions about your needs, for example, height, weight, gender, if you are buying for personal use, and different questions if you are buying for your company.


Herman Miller provides extensive adjustment options that allow you to fine-tune and modify your sitting position to the tiniest detail.

You can adjust seat height, depth, backrest tilt, the tension of backrest tilt, lock backrest tilt, lumbar support height, pressure, armrest- up, down, backward, forward, wider, or narrower.

The number of adjustability options helps fit your exact body type.

Manage back health

Herman Miller chairs help prevent and manage back discomfort with designs and materials that support your spine, upper and lower back, buttocks, and shoulder.

People buy such chairs for various reasons, including the capacity to treat back discomfort, and there are several good reports from customers who no longer have back problems after using a Herman Miller chair.

Customer reviews

After doing a lot of research on customer reactions on various sites and speaking with some of them myself, I find ample positive reviews that include people explaining how this chair changed their working experience on a different level.

Positive reviews carry a lot of weight; it has cured back pain, helped maintain posture, and some people have stated that the durability and built quality of this chair have shocked them.

Customers never disagreed that the chair is expensive, but they don’t call it overpriced because of its features. People sometimes say that this chair lasts for more than 20 years, which makes it an adequate investment.

People remarked how comfy it feels in most of our reviews and how they feel better with time.

Resale value

Herman Miller chairs have a high resale value, and it’s feasible to sell a used chair for 50-60% of its original price after 2-3 years, maybe more depending on how well the condition is.

Our rating

On aspects like comfort, built, quality, material, etc., we rate Herman miller 5 out of 5. But pricing is always a factor that makes our overall rating 4.9 out of 5.


We think that Herman miller chairs are worth it. You’re getting what you’re paying for, and there is no doubt about that. So many people had a wonderful seating experience with this chair.

If you’re considering getting a Herman Miller chair and money isn’t a problem, go for it. Take it into consideration as a long-term investment. Believe me when I say that this will be the finest furniture purchase you’ve ever made.

Our Verdict – 4.3/5

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the owner of this business and you have any questions about our review, Please do contact us for corrections.

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