Gurstel Law Firm Review

Gurstel Law Firm Review

A law firm is a commercial entity founded by either one lawyer or more than one lawyer. Here we will review about Gurstel Law Firm.

The primary purpose of a law firm is to help people and businesses with legal matters, like advising clients about their legal rights and duties.

Law firms also help people in civil and criminal lawsuits; transactions related to business; and other matters where legal advice is essential.

The industry operates from sole practitioners to large, full-service law firms.

Within such law firms, a variety of roles exist. A lawyer is one of the more common ones; they can be associates or partners.

Apart from lawyers, these firms also recruit paralegals to help lawyers in drafting, editing, and organizing legal documents for legal hearings and proceedings.

In contrast, the legal assistants handle the clerical tasks.

The law firms are categorized based on their enterprise size, area of practice, and whether they are transactional or litigation.

While the first two are self-explanatory, transactional law firms refer to those responsible for out-of-court proceedings and contract signings; they advise their clients and help structure deals while reviewing the agreements.

Whereas litigation law firms represent a client in court when the case goes to trial, they prepare memos, motions, research laws, and review documents for the mandatory court attendance.

The topic of discussion for this article is a law firm known as Gurstel Law Firm.

About Gurstel Law Firm

In 1997, Gurstel Law Firm started in Minnesota, but then it expanded to many regions, including Arizona, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

The firm is a multi-state law firm representing creditors in litigation, creditors’ rights, and collection law cases in all aspects of the legal process.

From demand letters to full-fledged litigation and post-judgment collection measures, we offer commercial businesses a full range of legal and recovery services. The Gurstel law firm has a total of 400 employees and has headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

The major work that this firm is known for is the collection of debt, including both consumer and commercial debt collection. The Gurstel Law firm helps consumers resolve their debts. Financial literacy is an essential component of financial success.

The firm understands that debt, credit, budgeting, saving, and investing can be overwhelming, and finding solutions to issues can be difficult.

During the account resolution process, Gurstel Law Firm P.C. collaborates with consumers to create a solution that matches the needs of each person.

They encourage people to enhance their financial literacy skills to grasp personal finances better and prepare for the future.

For commercial debt collection, that is, company-to-company owed debts, Gurstel provides customized recovery solutions.

How Does the Process Work?

The process begins by drafting a demand letter with all the necessary terms and conditions; the law firms need to ensure that a subpar demand letter or outrageous terms do not strain the company’s relationship.

They also provide litigation services if the settlement moves to the court and post-judgment recovery methods to ensure maximum recovery.

Practice Areas

The primary practice area, as discussed above, is debt collection, but along with that, the law firm provides traditional legal services as well, where you can get legal advice; they have attorneys that provide clients with a great approach to traditional legal services.

They have expertise in various industries and legal disciplines.

Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff deliver a streamlined experience for the clients to provide a personal touch to every engagement while exceeding their expectations.

Some of them, including

  • Business law – They provide business advice to businesses at different stages, from entity selection and formation, creation, developing and renewing contacts, assisting in financial agreements and establishing employee handbooks, and providing exit strategies.
  • Banking and lending: They draft and prepare loan documents, security agreements, mortgages, and other creative credit enhancements. Following up the drafting with foreclosure, litigation, and collection.
  • Arbitration, ADR, and mediation- This is a cost-effective way to resolve conflicts outside the courtrooms via a neutral third party. Mediation helps the parties to agree, whereas arbitration refers to the decision by the arbitrator without the need for agreement by the parties.
  • Construction law: It provides legal guidance to project owners, contractors, material suppliers, and lenders. They help with consulting concepts through development agreements, prime and subcontract contracts, project execution and delivery change orders, and the project closes out, mechanic’s liens, payment and performance bonds, punch-lists, and warranties.
  • Real estate law – Real estate transactions are complex and require a deep understanding of local laws. They provide various services to assist real estate clients, including creating loan documentation, negotiating leases and subleases, title insurance, defending defect claims, and clearing titles for successful transactions.
  • Litigation and appeals – In-court representation of clients when the case moves to trial.


According to our secondary research, the firm has mixed reviews; it has ratings of 3/5 stars on and 1/5 stars on

The firm has a positive response from the client’s side, but they have received over 20 complaints of harassment in the past three years, according to

The debtors said that the firm is incredibly unprofessional and is not concerned with anything other than recovering the client’s money; this could also end up hurting the client’s relationship with companies over time.

On a positive note, they have better reviews from their employers, who report massive company growth opportunities, and the only qualm is below-average pay in the industry in Minneapolis.


Overall, the firm has helped people recover their debt, but the process they follow is unethical and unprofessional.

We would only recommend using their services if you need to recover your accounts from the business partners and are not concerned with the aftermath of a strained relationship with your consumers or business partners.

Our Verdict – 3.0/5

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the business owner and have questions about our review, don’t hesitate to contact us for corrections.

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