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We all have our own likes and dislikes, fixation and obsession, something we want the world to have an definite idea about. Every one have their own different fascination, different views and so. It cam be on anything. 

Well for example some of us have this interesting craze when it comes to the beauty of ones feet. We just want to cherish the elegance of it. It’s called Podophilia or Partialism. According to researches it has been stated that Feet are apparently considered the most fetishized body part, besides genital body parts.  

Thus it becomes very easier and comforting when you are given a platform to share your taste among people who have the same likes. It also helps you to communicate with many others and the situation becomes very relatable. Well to my dear feet lovers I present you with Feetfinder.com a site where the interesting party can also sell or buy feet pics. It’s a very new and upcoming site with a rating of 4.8 on TrustPilot.com with close too 600 views.

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What Is Feetfinder? Is Selling Feet Pics Online Legal?

The brainchild of the FLRT.LLC, FeetFinder.com is a commercial centre that permits trading selective feet pictures. Published in the year 2019 in US, FeetFinder is the sought of site where one can make easy money, of course it goes without saying that you have to be pretty good and dedicated towards the task. What’s more is that, since the most recent couple of years, it likewise began permitting recordings other than feet pictures. Its practically the ongoing hot topic among the crowd  nowadays. Assuming that you are a purchaser, it is basically a gold mine to observe noteworthy feet pictures to extinguish your feet obsession. Also, in the event that you are a seller, one can earn substantial sums of money just by selling your feet’ photographs. 

This company and platform additionally also offers total security and protection to the sellers by keeping them anonymous and incognito. 

Now to our next question is selling feet pics online legal? Well to answer you question yes it is legal, as long as the individual is officially an adult and over 18 and has the full realization of what he/she is getting into. It is very important to keep our inhibitions intact and think very clear and maturely before involving into an environment we are not completely aware about. Just because someone has a fascination they are desperate to implore and explore doesn’t mean he\she should act rashly. Better collect the facts before getting into it.

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How Does It Work and How Much One Can Earn?

The first phase to be a member in Feetfinder is to create an account and provide with legal Government issued ID which will serve for your identification and verification purpose. Feetfinder requires ID for check to keep the stage liberated from spam and guarantee that main genuine individuals are transferring feet pictures. So that no particular gets conned. After the individuals been acknowledged to Feetfinder stage, one may begin posting content. Preferably, you ought to begin by posting something like 5-10 pictures when you start your record.  

The more the individual posts the more better the account gets. If we look at it, it’s more or less like any other social account. Details have to be updated and your commitment and enthusiasm has to be on board. Like any other social account the individual has to be an expert at managing certain stuffs like how one can promote the particulars account, one easy way to it is by adding catchy tags, keywords and descriptions. Once the individual gets pretty much popular and known around the circle he\she might start putting prices on their pictures. It will be much more valued then.  

One must also remember that being genuine is an important propaganda. And the individual must be genuine and earnest in their work process. He/she in any possible situation mustn’t steal any other individuals picture and work. It will only result in failure.  

Now moving onto the earning portion, well let’s see after the feet pictures are transferred and the individual is sure to make the account look satisfying, one can conclude the selling cost of the image. At this point when the seller is just a  beginner, he/she can consider valuing the said pictures between $5-$10 so the particular can get more deals. 

Starting with less then increasing the value with passing time is way more of an smart tactic. 

Another such tactic is by letting your loved ones and foes share the individuals  account among their known someone, so that the popularity rate can go higher ending with worthy and fruitful deals. 

It also vital to note that Feetfinder charges a membership expenses running between $3.99 each month or $14.99 each year. Feetfinder likewise has an exceptional help that charges dealers $9.99 each month or $29.99 each year. This membership expenses goes towards keeping up with the stage, promoting clients and guaranteeing sellers on the stage to get an adequate number of deals.

Prices to Consider About…

Joining and creating an account on Feetfinder is nonetheless free. Anyway there are certain Feetfinder costs that the platform charges which an individual must be aware of before getting entangled with the site. 

Feetfinder is a membership organization where purchasing the feet pictures are not chargeable on the stage but rather the sellers need to pay a membership expenses going between $3.99 each month or $14.99 each year. They also provide premium services which costs between $9.99 per month to $29.99 per year. For selling, typical Feetfinder costs range between $5 to $100 per picture.

Is FeetFinder Safe?

When performing in an online platform there’s always a doubt in our mind, if rather in case is it safe or not. Awareness in this particular field is very necessary. So while FeetFinder claims to be 100% safe and asks for ID for assurance there has also been a lot of complaints. Since the sellers are the one who are ought to do the main work they had to face a lot of challenges in doing so.  

  • Firstly there is theft, there are a lot of lazies and useless users out there in the particular site who are in fact reported for stealing pictures and someone’s else work for their own account which is downright wrong and unprofessional. So the sellers should be more careful and should secure their account in a proper way so that no outsider is able to look into it.  
  • Secondly since the main purpose of this site is to make an quick buck, there are lot of people out there who might want to take an advantage of it. Finding young gullible people who are trying to make something or do something in their life, taking advantage of them is not something unheard off. So its very important to use an clear mind in these matters and also to take advice of am adult so that the situation doesn’t go out of mind.  

These are the basic two drawbacks that we find otherwise supposedly this site is Safe and Legal. 

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