What Is This Website About?

Essayservice an independent service located in the USA that delivers fresh out original assignments or research papers based on the decided topic chosen by the client. The site includes a group of writers holding a certifiable degree who intends to guide with the particular sector you are struggling with and also aim to offer a range of services to the students by promising them to help improve their writing skills if, in any case, they’re lagging behind. 

After a thorough research, we found out that this site:

  • Provides professional essay writer to the applied users.
  • Offers various types of writing services. Examples be like Case studies, Presentation, Speech. 
  • The site offers absolute confidentially. 
  • They also guarantee a full money-back service in case the said individual is not satisfied with the paper.
  • Also, Applying to it and requesting for their service is very simple. Just log in to the site, and the status of the website will there be presented.


These days social media and the internet is like the hub for searched treasures; there is not a single thing you cannot find from this wildly used platform. Likewise, when we thoroughly researched and went through the respected platforms, we found out that EssayService was pretty much popular in essential media centres like Facebook and many known websites like SiteJabber, ScamFighter put a very good about word it. A lot of users and individuals expressed their opinions and experiences they had with EssayService and how they benefitted from it. Well, in all, you get a simple knowledge that 

  • The site is definitely legit as per researches and sources.
  • The rating regarding this site is genuine and well-trusted.

Response Time

As per our researches, it was found out that the site is very cooperating and disciplined. It maintains a very healthy and active relationship with its users and precisely questions about what the individual is looking for in his/her paper, which raises the absolute green flag. It means that your money is not wasted, and they’re seriously taking into your situation. 

  • You get the absolute facility to directly have a conversation with your chosen writer so that you can feel secure and be guaranteed about your paper and can, in any circumstances, have a conversation with him/her regarding your assignment. 
  • You can ask for drafts, clarify any issues, or ask for study tips and they will be happy to give you the information you need.
  • In simple terms, you never have to worry about submitting your paper belatedly because EssayService in all takes 6 hours and then dutifully presents you with your paper. So their service is pretty much punctual.


Some of you may already think that there must be a some sort of catch or maybe it’s not for you because the prices definitely have to be high or else why would they provide so much facilities, but we’re happy to break it to you that the situation is absolutely not like that. In fact, through our research, we found out that the starting rate is from $11.4 and the more pages you include, the higher the discount you get in your paper. For example, supposedly, you ask for an assignment of 3 pages with 835 words, in that case, you will get a discount of 10%

  • Additionally, we also found out that you do not need to make the full payment in advance to hire the best helper. You just need to deposit a third of the total price to get a start on your paper, and only when you’re satisfied after receiving the assignment you pay your writer.
  • Other than writing help at the best price on the market, they also offer different well-appreciated surprises for the clients, such as you get free title page, reference page, citations, and originality report.

Quality of Work

Since the writers approved by EssayService are all professionals thus, their work ethic is very different and precise. There is no chance of plagiarism because the handouts delivered by them are all original and very neatly scripted by them. You get 100% unique content. And as mentioned before, all essays are made individually according to each client’s specific request. Through our research, we also find that most of the users express  

  • That the service offers straightforward and easy-to-follow assignments. That they also focus on a lot of research and cover many factors and backgrounds. 
  • They are very organised, and you can easily figure out the author’s objectives and what they want to relay to the readers.
  • Since the staff working under EssayService are highly qualified, thus it’s been observed that the team of writers are very competent in their fields and can advise you on how to do your paper better.
  • There’s also a lower probability of grammatical mistakes or clumsy work that’s been noticed.


When we looked at it, we saw that EssayService was not only popular but also highly rated, which means it is very trusted and viewed by a lot of proofing sites. That also answers another of your question if the site is legal or not? Well, it is very much so legal. Well-known critique sites like SiteJabber rated it 4.76 out of 5 

  • ScamFighter another testing site, rated it 4 
  • Essay reviews a team that has tested hundreds of websites that write essays rated it 5
  • Trustpilot, a well-known site, rated it 4.8


So after researching deeply and thoroughly, we found out that the reviews based on this website are very positive and forthcoming. The clients and students were very much happy with their work and readily appreciated them. More importantly, they boasted about how easy it was to use this site and spoke about how the writers were so cooperative and reliable. The users also relayed and pointed out the price factors ushering in how it was flexible and affordable. Some of the customers commented on the nature of the writers saying how they continued to provide quality work, which was thorough and diligent; not only that, but the factor that their service was useful and was also on time shows their punctuality and determination which the clients very much so appreciated.

Our Rating

So after testing properly, we would like to now deliver our views and ratings depending on the website’s behaviour, work and punctuality. Well, considering all, we would like to provide a rating of 4.5. As per what we analysed, the site is pretty genuine and helpful. Not only their work performance is at the top level, but it is their behaviour and response that mostly is to be appreciated for. The care and determination they show and provide are of genuine help to all the users out there. Their punctuality, as it seems, is also sharp, and most importantly, it is their bunch of facilities that mostly attracts the clients. More or less this site is to be absolutely trusted for as it had been used frequently and the outcomes were all great and specifically not only does it help but also teaches the student where to improve their skills which is something to admire about.

In case you’re in some sought of jam, you should definitely use this Website for your benefit, as it certainly helps.

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the owner of this business and you have any questions about our review, Please do contact us for corrections.

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