DreamHost Review

DreamHost Review

DreamHost was founded in 1996 and is one of the oldest web hosting services. DreamHost is currently hosting 1.5 million websites with more than 400,000 customers.

They don’t only offer hosting plans, they also offer integrated domain names, email hosting, website builders and all of this with efficiency and low pricing.

In today’s article we will look at all the aspects of DreamHost which will include the pricing, features, the good and the bad about the hosting platform.

Domain hosting

DreamHost also provide Domain names along with hosting. It offers more than 400TLDs and even exotic extensions like .club and .guru. It also provides country specific TLDs as well for example .es, .fr, .de etc. At renewal, a.com domain name costs $15.99.

Shared Hosting

This entry-level web hosting will give you a lot for your money; the 1-site plan costs $6.99 per month, while the Unlimited tier costs $12.99. This type of hosting is ideal for beginners, but if your project grows significantly (for example, more than 50,000 visitors per month), you may need to upgrade.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS plan) can be thought of as a shared hosting server that has been divided into smaller servers. This means you can tailor it to your specific requirements. As a result, your website will be hosted separately from those of other clients, and the resources will not be shared. DreamHost’s VPS hosting plans start at $13.75 per month and can go all the way up to $110 per month.

Dedicated hosting

However, if your website grows to the point where you require your own dedicated servers, you should consider getting a dedicated hosting account – be aware that these are a little more expensive. DreamHost offers dedicated hosting starting at $149 per month and going up to $279 per month.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting plans are also available from DreamHost. Consider it a network of interconnected cloud servers that host your website. This solution is ideal for those who anticipate high traffic volumes because additional resources (such as RAM and CPU) can be added as needed. Calculating how much you will pay is difficult because the price is dependent on the resources (e.g., RAM or storage) that you require. DreamHost’s cloud server packages begin at $4.50 per month.

Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamHost also provides managed WordPress hosting plans (they even have special WordPress packages for their shared and VPS hosting). A Managed WordPress hosting account is available if you want automatic updates, staging areas, and dedicated WordPress support. Shared WordPress hosting starts at $6.99 per month, VPS at $13.75 per month, and Managed WordPress at $16.95 per month.

DreamHost is one of our top picks for web hosting services for a variety of reasons. However, there are some aspects of this option that we dislike. Here are the pros and cons of DreamHost to help you decide whether this is the right service for you.


Affordability- Dream host is ourtopmost priorityand one the reasons behind it is the price range it offers. The service is very affordable if you choose month to month plan.

With the monthly billing option, you can cancel at any time with no additional fees. And, unlike the annual plans, the monthly plan includes all of the same features. The monthly billing option is ideal for those who cannot afford an annual plan or who are unsure how long they will require a functioning website.

Uptime- Uptime is really important because- You don’t want your site to go down, but if it does, you want it to recover quickly. It’s bad if people can’t find your website because it’s down. Many tests have been performed to assess Dream Host’s stability, and the results show that DreamHost is a stable and reliable service that rarely went down during the test periods. It may have gone down once or twice in thousands of different tests.

DreamHost also guarantees 100% uptime, so your site will always be up and running at peak performance. Your website will never run as well as it does with DreamHost, thanks to emergency generators, constant monitoring, redundant cooling, and data centre locations.

Money Back Guarantee-Speaking of guarantees, DreamHost has another excellent one to offer its customers. This service includes a 97-day money-back guarantee, which almost no other web hosting service can boast about. Your 97-day trial is completely risk-free, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you will receive a full refund. And, as previously stated, if you are dissatisfied with the uptime, you can be compensated for it as well.

Please keep in mind that this money-back guarantee only applies to shared hosting plans and customers who paid with a credit card or Google Checkout.

Security– DreamHost does not offer anti-malware with the emails, but it does offer a lot of other things. One of them being the control panel through which you can edit .htaccess file and you can control who has access to the site and set up passwords.

Furthermore, DreamHost allows you to block spiders for specific parts of your website that you do not want search engines to index.

What we really like about DreamHost is that it provides free SSL certificates, which adds an extra (and, in our opinion, necessary) layer of security for those selling products online or collecting any type of personal information from clients or customers.

There’s more if that’s not enough. DreamHost provides SSH and SFTP access, as well as HTTP/2, PHP 7, and its own firewall.

Unlimited Bandwidth: All DreamHost accounts come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. You can upgrade to a higher plan if you want unlimited storage. The shared starter plan has a storage limit of 50 GB, while the unlimited plan has, well, unlimited storage. However, keep in mind that there is a fair usage policy in place that prevents you from creating file-sharing websites.

High-quality speed: DreamHost provides incredible performance and speed, which will permanently improve the quality of your website.

For example, DreamHost creates products that are specifically designed to work with WordPress for optimal performance. This ensures a smooth and seamless integration between DreamHost and your WordPress website, allowing it to run at maximum speed.

Another excellent performance feature is the use of SSDs. Your overall website, data, and caching are 200 percent faster with DreamHost SSDs than with old HDDs. With lightning-fast speeds and a loading time of 2.35 seconds, your visitors can scroll through your website without lag and will not be delayed.

The cons

Few Server Locations: DreamHost only has data centres in Virginia and Oregon. This pales in comparison to competitors like SiteGround and A2 Hosting. DreamHost does not have servers outside of the United States, making it inaccessible to users in other parts of the world.

Email Account Not Included in Starter Plan: Email accounts are not included in the Shared Starter plan and must be purchased separately. While they are reasonably priced (as low as $1.67/month), it is unfortunate that you must pay a separate fee for something that is already included in other hosting service plans, such as those offered by Bluehost.

More Complicated Installations: Unlike many other web hosting services, DreamHost does not make it easy to get everything set up with just one click. Only a few CMSs are supported by the service’s automated installation (including WordPress). Any other CMS on the list will require a more complicated installation.

Overall, DreamHost is an excellent choice for web hosting. There are numerous plans to choose from, each with its own set of features. The fact that it is so reasonably priced for those interested in month-to-month plans is a huge plus in our book. It is ideal for anyone looking to host a website, whether you are a small or large business. It is one of our top picks because of the tools, website-building software, security, money-back guarantee, domains, and other features.

However, if you require professional features such as staging areas, integrated caching, and pre-installed Git repositories, DreamHost may fall short. It’s also not ideal if the majority of your traffic originates outside of North America.

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