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Dechert Law Firm Review

Dechert is one of the top law firm in New York city and has built a global platform across 22 locations with a singular focus and that is delivering the highest-quality advice that is actionable, commercial and delivered efficiently and which turns out to be the best for their clients.

The clients of the firm operate in increasingly challenging times precisely. Geopolitical uncertainty, the sheer complexity of modern markets and an ever-changing regulatory environment contribute to a proliferation of commercial and regulatory risks which just cannot be ignored at any circumstances. To navigate these challenges, the firm delivers sophisticated legal advice, grounded in broad market knowledge, in an agile and intuitive way that is best possible and available at the same time.

The firm have some of the world’s leading lawyers advising on both domestic and cross-border matters respectively. The firm is frequently retained to work on the most challenging transactions and disputes, and prides itself on its ability to deliver premium legal services and sound business judgment to its clients which is for sure a matter of pride.

Dechert lawyers bring to their assignments a focus on quality, responsiveness and value for money and worth each and every moment and penny. The firm and all the learned lawyers out there are driven by one key principle and that is: Exceptional Client Service.

The clients in the firm include corporations, financial institutions, sovereign states, quasi-sovereign entities and private and high-net-worth individuals all over the world respectively. Dechert undertakes work for 40 of the “Fortune 100” companies, and represents more than 200 private equity and investment firms in some capacity available all over New York and worldwide as well. The firm and all the learned lawyers working with the firm also advise 9 of the top 10 global asset management firms, and 41 of the top 50 global private debt firms (as identified by PDI) respectively which is yet another matter of pride.

Dechert has a longstanding tradition of providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations who cannot otherwise afford legal counsel precisely. Lawyers in all the offices and in all practice groups make a difference every day by contributing their talents to providing pro bono legal services for the betterment of the firm precisely. The firm recently held its annual Pro Bono Recognition and Awards ceremony, where three individuals and two teams were honoured with the 2020 Samuel E. Klein Pro Bono Award respectively.

 It takes a committed, global team to deliver the excellence in service and innovative thinking that the clients expect from the firm precisely. Cultivating creativity to harness the very best ideas comes from respecting and valuing everyone’s voice, and creating a shared enjoyment is all that the firm works for at the wider scale. At Dechert, the firm believes that building community within the workplace and with the clients should be given preference at first instance – whether multinational companies or pro bono causes as these are the key to success. It’s about building a firm where people are trusted and empowered to do their very best and give the best working environment possible.

Dechert has been certified for a third year in a row in the U.S. as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Some of the positive acknowledgements that were received by the firm included:

  • 93% of respondents say Dechert is a great place to work with amazing environment.
  • Named one of the Best Workplaces for Parents as well precisely.
  • Named as a Best Workplace in Consulting & Professional Services in the New York City.
  • Named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in New York respectively.

Gratitude- Andy Levander, firm Chair

“Gratitude is a powerful thing,” said Dechert Chair Andy Levander. “A meaningful ‘thank you’ makes people on both sides of that conversation feel good, so we wanted to help people make a regular habit of gratitude.”

Specially designed postcards are distributed to employees, on which they can write brief notes of appreciation to be sent to fellow colleagues to share their bonds precisely. As COVID-19 led to remote working, it was more important than ever to ensure our community maintained the bonds of connection and gratitude and accordingly, the firm adapted to the postcards to become e-gratitude cards and over 1,000 cards were sent in the first week of the remote working era.

Well-being Weak

The people of the firm cannot achieve their fullest potential and deliver exceptional client service without taking the time to invest in and rejuvenate themselves fully. Dechert is dedicated to promoting a healthy integration of work and personal life through their THRIVE@Dechert Framework respectively. This framework focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of the people working in the firm and giving their best. The firm provide access to resources such as: online fitness programs, tele-medicine assistance for both physical and mental health, as well as webinars and virtual support groups on a variety of topics and current topics more precisely. Every year, Dechert’s global community participates in Well-being Weak which is one of the most important weak that is celebrated in the firm. It’s a great time to support each other and embrace healthier living habits precisely. Some of the activities have included a “what brings you joy” photo contest, a global steps challenge and a financial well-being seminar as well.

Innovation Week

At Dechert, “innovation” is not an aspiration but it’s a critical component of all that the firm do for themselves and their clients precisely. The firm created this Innovation Week as a way for any and every member of their community to improve their workplace, support their people, elevate their service and bring value to their clients in new ways as far which is practicable and possible.

“We’ve always been an innovative firm,” noted CEO Henry Nassau respectively. “From our early days, our commitment to excellence has driven us to find new ways to work together and support our clients” these were the bold and broad sayings of the CEO of the firm.

Diversity and Inclusion Weak

All of the members at Dechert earnestly strive to be better allies and more inclusive leaders within the firm and also across the legal industry and in their own neighbourhoods, cities and countries respectively. During the firms annual Diversity and Inclusion Weak, the community participates in a variety of engaging and enlightening events which in some way or the other puts forward some sort of positive energy.

The impact of racism is an unbearable concept for so many, but a part of the daily existence for many of friends and colleagues precisely. Dechert affirms without exception that Black lives matter as well. The firm share a commitment to working every day to better educate themselves, examine their own biases on a daily basis and advance the causes of racial justice and social reform to create a fairer, more inclusive world which is free from, all sorts of discriminations.

Dechert’s Birthday Weak

 Every single year without fail the entire firm comes all together to celebrate the anniversary of Dechert’s founding in 1875. It offers the entire firm an opportunity to learn about the firm’s history, celebrate where the firm is today and look ahead to where the firm is going to rise.

Dechert hosts a number of fun activities with colleagues as part of Birthday Weak and the previous events have included a special birthday cake class with a renowned chef, volunteer sessions for writing letters to first responders, deployed troops, isolated elders and sick children and a Dechert history quiz to name a few precisely.

The CEO is grateful to all the members of Dechert community who continue to honour and full fill the firm’s most important traditions: our commitment to quality, exceptional service for our clients and a culture that values people- as this is what the firm is all about.

The firm celebrates colleagues who make significant contributions to the Dechert community respectively and praise them, every year. “Dechert Stars” recognizes those for their willingness to share their innovative ideas, teach others what they know, or promote diversity and be a positive force for change for the firm.

Day of Service

 One of the proudest annual traditions is that the Dechert Day of Service precisely. As part of the shared commitment to the communities in which the firm lives and works, each Dechert office takes its own unique action to help their neighbours and make their cities better places for all.

Organization with which the firm has recently partnered with includes the follow:

  1. AIDS Walk NY
  2. The Boston Esplanade Association
  3. Dublin Hope Foundation Shoebox Appeal
  4. Moscow’s Project Kind Caps
  5. Operation Backpack
  6. Ronald McDonald House Charities
  7. Special Olympics
  8. Toys for Tots
  9. The United Way
  10. UK Haven House Garden Day


The firm seeks to recruit the best talent, and the firm,, is committed to ensuring that Dechert reflects the societies we live in precisely. The firm strives every day to become a truly diverse and inclusive business as much as possible with all the efforts. Dechert has achieved Mansfield Certification Plus status, which is awarded to law firms with at least 30 percent diverse lawyer representation in a notable number of leadership roles and committees respectively.

Dechert is a community that empowers their people throughout the firm to deliver excellence in service and constantly innovate their client services and working practices which is a matter to be appraised about.

Technology and innovation are central to the future development of the firm’s business, both in terms of client-facing products and internal resources that enable more cost-effective operations, such as innovations in project management, eDiscovery and client-specific extranets respectively.

Dechert is dedicated to enabling access to justice only. The pro bono commitment is widely acknowledged as setting the standard for international law firms respectively.

At Dechert, the firm applies a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze and address their clients’ issues and needs and other requirements. It is this combination of departmental depth and practice breadth that sets the firm apart and allows the firm to provide clients with strategic counsel to meet their changing needs precisely.

The services which the firm, provides are as follow:

  1. Antitrust/Competition
  2. Antitrust Litigation
  3. Counselling and Compliance
  4. Government Antitrust Investigations
  5. Hatch-Waxman Litigation
  6. Merger Clearance
  7. Corporate
  8. Corporate Finance and Capital Markets
  9. Corporate Governance
  10. Emerging Markets
  11. Environmental Transactional and Risk Management
  12. Leveraged Finance
  13. Life Sciences Transactions
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions
  15. Permanent Capital
  16. Crisis Management
  17. Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
  18. Business Protection
  19. Consulting/Compliance
  20. Cross-Border Projects, including Multijurisdictional Reductions in Force and Restructurings
  21. Executive Compensation
  22. Financial Services Remuneration, Regulation and Structures
  23. HIPAA Compliance
  24. Labour and Employment
  25. Partnerships
  26. Sensitive Terminations and High Value Disputes
  27. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  28. ESG for Antitrust
  29. ESG for Asset Managers
  30. ESG for Lenders and Borrowers
  31. Litigation, Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement
  32. Financial Restructuring
  33. Acquisition/Divestitures of Troubled Companies
  34. Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Litigation
  35. Creditors and Committees
  36. Debtors
  37. Distressed Situations
  38. Emerging Markets Restructurings
  39. Licensed Insolvency Practitioners (UK)
  40. Financial Services and Investment Management
  41. Asset Management Litigation/Enforcement
  42. Banking and Financial Institutions
  43. Broker-Dealers, Securities Trading and Markets
  44. Custodians, Administrators and Transfer Agents
  45. Derivatives and Structured Products
  46. ESG for Asset Managers
  47. Exchange-Traded Funds
  48. Financial Services M&A
  49. Financial Services Tax
  50. Fintech
  51.  Global Asset Manager Regulation
  52. Global Distribution of Funds
  53. Investment Advisers
  54. Investment Company Status
  55. Investment Funds and Investment Companies
  56. Private Funds
  57. Registered Funds – US and Boards of Directors/Trustees
  58. Regulatory Compliance
  59. UCITS
  60. Variable Insurance Products
  61. World Compass
  62. World Passport
  63. Global Finance
  64. Asset Finance & Securitization
  65. Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
  66. Commercial Real Estate Finance
  67. Fund Finance
  68. Leveraged Finance
  69. Permanent Capital
  70. Residential Mortgage Finance
  71. Structured Credit and Collateralized Loan Obligations
  72. Intellectual Property
  73. Hatch-Waxman Litigation
  74. IP Due Diligence
  75. IP Litigation
  76. IP and Technology Licensing and Transactions
  77. Life Sciences Counselling
  78. Patent Counselling and Prosecution
  79. Patent Litigation
  80. Privacy & Cyber security
  81. Tech Monetization and Litigation
  82. Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
  83. Trademark/Copyright
  84. International Arbitration
  85. International Trade and Government Regulation
  86. Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment
  87. Litigation
  88. Antitrust/Competition
  89. Appellate
  90. Asset Management Litigation/Enforcement
  91. Business Litigation and Trials
  92. Class Actions
  93. Complex Commercial Litigation
  94. Crisis Management
  95. IP Litigation
  96. International and Insolvency Litigation
  97. Labour and Employment
  98. Life Sciences Litigation
  99. M&A Litigation
  100. Securities Litigation/Enforcement
  101. Mergers and Acquisitions
  102. Permanent Capital
  103. Privacy & Cyber security
  104. California Consumer Privacy Act Resource Centre
  105. Private Client
  106. Private Equity
  107. Product Liability and Mass Torts
  108. Real Estate
  109. Commercial Real Estate Finance
  110. Fund Formation and Real Estate Investments
  111. Residential Mortgage Finance
  112. Tax
  113. Financial Services Tax
  114. Fund Formation and Real Estate Investments
  115. Non-Profit/Foundations
  116. Sovereign Wealth Funds
  117. Tax Audits and Controversies
  118. White Collar, Compliance and Investigations
  119. Anti-Corruption Compliance and Investigations
  120. Whistleblower Claims and False Claims Act Cases

The lawyers in the firm understand the current marketplace and apply a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze all aspects of client issues precisely with all the focus and concentration which is needed. It is this combination of departmental depth and practice breadth that sets the firm apart and allows the members of the firm to provide clients with strategic counsel to meet their changing needs.

  1. Automotive and Transportation
  2. Banking and Financial Institutions
  3. Chemical
  4. Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources
  5. Financial Services and Investment Management
  6. Fintech
  7. Government
  8. Health Care
  9. Insurance
  10. Life Sciences
  11. Private Equity
  12. Real Estate
  13. Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Thus the Dechert is the top best corporate firm in the New York City and the entire firm has worked immensely hard to reach to this level.

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