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Content-Whale is a newly founded content curation agency based in Mumbai, India. Founded on Jun 1, 2018, this website mostly dwells on promoting a brand or business outlook by providing them with 42 types of content writing services available for businesses around the globe. In short, they help you create the digital structure of your business by giving it a proper marketing look. Be it a ‘Website Content Writing’ for your website to reach the target audience as per your business concept or an ‘Article Writing Service ‘to build your content and article quality so that you can easily lure your customer in and many as such writing services.

Content-Whale performs many such activities that will not only financially make things easy for you but will also lessen your burden. Just establishing one’s business is not the only factor nowadays; you also got to advertise it properly by making it look attractive to the clients, by organizing it both realistically and visually in a very neat and effective manner so that the customers can put their much-needed trust on you and Content-Whale helps in doing so. They understand that a strong digital presence can help any business grow tremendously and earn a loyal customer base.

  • You get to have high-quality content and articles across all the industries.
  • They provide you with plagiarism-free and error-free content and articles.
  • They have a specialized professional team of 26 writers and five trained editors who make sure that the content is based on your requirements and is ready within the deadline.

Even though it’s kind of a newly founded writing website that has been on the run for the past couple of years, it really will be an understatement to say it is quite popular; this particular service has worked with some really known business brands and companies such as Quikr, NuSpace, Skovian, Riverhood and many more and not only that after our research we get to see that the reviews and ratings based on it are quite on the positive side and people feel really appreciative towards it. From our survey, we also know that Content-Whale provides a great learning and motivating environment that leads to mutual trust.

Known critique sites like Trustpilot have provided this writing service with a rating of 4.6/5

And Glassdoor with 4.3.

For every company and well-advised services to work in a much more organized and proper manner without a major hitch will only be possible if the response centre or the customer centre works in a diligent manner so that the customers can put their trust in them. Understanding should be there, and for that to happen, the customer services should have to be very cooperative so that all the necessary queries are answered. From what we find, Content-Whale readily provides that. From our surveys and research, we get to see that they are not only polite but also caring and mindful of the client’s requirements. Very professional and also punctual in their deadline. One of our known contacts stated that how they offered a great quality work and, most importantly, how punctual they were. The individual notified that his said documents were always delivered within the time frame of 36-48 hours, and it was a very easy and stress-free communication he was able to have; also, he recommends that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional you can always ask for their help.

A major factor since it’s a standardized and very ethical website, people may wonder if the charges are magnanimously expensive or not. Well, we are happy to tell you that it’s not. The prices are very accommodating and budget-friendly. Considering if you prefer for a separate team of yourself then compare to that this method is very much preferable because it will cost you less. Another much more beneficial factor is that if you go through the website, you will get to see that there is a section titled as ‘Price Calculator’ where you can opt for the services, type the number of words required, and it will provide you with the estimated price that is needed for the said service. So that way, you can get ahead of yourself and know precisely what you’re getting into.

Their quality of work is undoubtedly great. The writers provided by them are very professional and skilled. We also get to see that they are very effective at taking raw thoughts and building them into well-crafted masterpieces of content, proving that their team is sharp and good at what they ought to deliver. From one of our known contact, we get to learn that Content-Whale has been much more reliable when it comes to cost and that the writing quality of their writers has been consistently strong and effective. In short, they are a great team who can deliver high volume of work in a short span of time at competitive prices and process-driven.

We also get the idea their communication & cooperative method is very precise and clear, and if there is any problem or editing needed, then the team will settle the problem as soon as possible without any further delay.

Basically we get the idea that Content-Whale is a very focused and reliable website that provides clients with the best of articles and content that will not disappoint you.

Well, considering everything, we came into the conclusion that Content-Whale is a legal and trusted site. Not only does it have a different essence to it, but it also provides with very unique and personalized content which is to appreciate for. It is very much trusted, and many people over the years have met with an benevolent result, so one should definitely go for it.

We would rate it 4.75/5.

Note – This review is written by our expert reviewer based on their research. If you are the owner of this business and you have any questions about our review, Please do contact us for corrections.

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