Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago

With everything so, fast-forward and advanced, people have almost become too reckless and inhumane. No judgment of modesty and consideration seems to have been left. We have become our enemies. We are so evolved around our own world that sometimes we tend to miss our surroundings. We shrug off mistakes as if it means nothing. And that is precisely when the society rises to its full extent and puts down the chain of balance through lawful means; it reminds us that arrogance and obliviousness aren’t almighty and that one should definitely pay for his mistakes. The law and users of the law ( lawyers/prosecutors) seek different measures to put down the guilty, be that in any arena- assault, violence, theft, accidents, anything may it be, the notion of justice should be prevailed.

Now, what does particularly car accident lawyers do?

The matter and cases such like car accidents indulge itself with the legal notion of Personal Injury.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury in regulation is exceptionally expansive and covers a wide range of legitimate issues, including wounds from car collisions, clinical misbehavior claims, slip-and-fall, and dog bites/domestic animal attacks. Considering the present time, it has indeed become a serious matter, and since personal injury is a civil law issue, it is highlighted and projected well. As a rule, if somebody hurt you, and they were entirely to blame, you might have the option to sue and gather monetary damages from the other party.

Thus the role of car accident lawyers is to help victims build personal injury claims and seek compensation for the damages the other driver might have caused. Remember, you must have a valid reason and enough evidence to put your case forward.

The main goal of your lawyer would be to see that your voice is heard and that all the casualties and liabilities you had to go through shall be compensated heftily by the honorable judge as well as the guilty party.

  • He will make sure that the extra expenses like Medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, lost wages, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium acts to which you are not responsible for shall be smoothly covered.
  • Many people out there are unaware of their rights when it comes to situations including personal injury; your lawyer will make sure you are aware of it.
  • If you were not at fault for the car accident, you should not have to pay for damages resulting from it. The laws around car accident injuries vary per state. In Georgia, the at-fault party in any injury accident is liable for all damages, and the injured party can seek compensation for their damages, per OCGA § 51-1-6.
  • Your lawyer can go through all relevant laws that apply to your case. They’ll help you understand what your rights are and how you can legally protect yourself.
  • They will also ensure that the accident scene is investigated adequately so that no harm and unfair claims are pointed at you.
  • File a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to negotiate
  • Handle every step of the pretrial process
  • Represent you in court with the goal of recovering full compensation for you.

Now we will discuss some of the top car accident lawyers in Chicago.

Francis P. Morrissey
Francis P. Morrissey

Francis P. Morrissey

A very honorable lawyer under the firm Wise Morrissey, LLC that claims to help people seek just compensation. This firm makes sure that justice is served; whether it comes to negligent medical care, a car accident, or a faulty product that created a mishap, they promise to bring down the guilty.

  • They represent only people and families that have suffered significant personal injury or catastrophic loss.

Francis P. (Frank) Morrissey is a trial lawyer with a national reputation as a tenacious and highly successful personal injury and medical malpractice attorney. He has won multimillion-dollar awards for his clients, and his firm has the distinction of winning the largest reported personal injury settlement of a contested liability case in Illinois history securing $90 Million in 2021 for an individual who was involved in a workplace accident.

From what we understand, Mr. Morrissey has charmed numerous juries in high-stakes lawsuits with his Irish wit and down-to-earth manner. Recently achieving a $9.7 million verdict in federal court involving complications from gastric bypass weight loss surgery, Frank Morrissey also settled birth injury cases for $10.9 million and $9.4 million.

First selected by his professional peers as an Illinois Super Lawyer in 2005, Mr. Morrissey has been so chosen every year since 2009. His selection as an Illinois Leading Lawyer reflects his ranking among the top five percent of all personal injury lawyers in Illinois.

Such honors demonstrate the pattern he established early in his career. As a young lawyer in 2003, he was named one of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s “40 Under 40” Illinois attorneys under the age of 40, whose early success portended future courtroom stardom.

Robert A. Clifford
Robert A. Clifford

Robert A. Clifford

From our research, Robert A. Clifford is a respectable attorney at Clifford Law Offices that has been dedicated to serving the needs of clients in the Chicago area and throughout the nation. This firm has been nationally recognized for its excellence, and the National Law Journal has named this firm as one of the top 10 litigation boutiques. And in 2020, Clifford Law Offices was named “Aviation Law Firm of the Year” by the same organization and ALM.

Robert A. Clifford is the founder of Clifford Law Offices in Chicago, an internationally recognized plaintiff’s trial firm concentrating on aviation, transportation, personal injury, medical negligence, product liability law, mass torts, and class actions. Mr. Clifford has the distinction of being selected by Super Lawyers, a peer-review organization, as the number one lawyer in Illinois from 2009-2016 and has always been in the top three. He was named by Chicago Magazine as one of the 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans and was named the 2012 Chicago Lawyer Person of the Year, based upon his trial accomplishments and his contributions to the legal community and to the Chicago area.

Mr. Clifford has represented those injured or killed in every major commercial airline crash in the U.S. in the last four decades. This includes the American Airlines crash at O’Hare in 1979; the United Airlines DC-10 crash in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1989; the Comair runway crash in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2006; the Continental Colgan crash of 2009; and, internationally, the Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam of 2009.

Mr. Clifford served as the liaison counsel for the subrogation and business property damage claims that resulted from the tragic September 11, 2001, crash at the World Trade Center in New York. He served as lead counsel in negotiating and settling those claims that settled for $1.2 billion.

David Abels
David Abels

David Abels

From what we understand, David Abels is a very renowned and respectable lawyer at Abels & Annes, P.C., the Chicago personal injury firm that has helped hundreds of accident victims recover compensation after suffering injuries due to the negligence or misconduct of other people or entities.

David Abels is a law partner at Abels & Anne’s, P.C., who concentrates on matters regarding personal injury, Car Accidents, auto accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death cases. He often handles bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, and many other areas of personal injury law. He has successfully collected millions of dollars for his clients and has focused on handling personal injury cases since 1997.

From 2016-2020, Dave has been on the Top 100 Lawyer List published by Super Lawyers, Thomson Reuters. There are more than 90,000 attorneys in Illinois, so the selection places him in approximately the top one-tenth of one percent. Further, Dave has been a Super Lawyer every year since 2014.

Dave has represented clients in several high-profile cases. His high success and excellence has resulted in him speaking on several news programs.

The name Abels & Annes, P.C. has been mentioned in news publications as far away as the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Huffington Post. He was recently interviewed by USA Today in an article titled “Here are 6 lifesaving (and money-saving) tips for when you get in a car crash”.

Ted Jennings
Ted Jennings

Ted Jennings

A very eminent and reputable lawyer under the firm Coplan & Crane that according to our reports, has a well-deserved reputation in Oak Park, Chicago, and throughout the Midwest for being honest, hardworking, and providing results-driven lawyers. They are a team of lawyers who are recognized for their work on Car Accident Lawyers, railroad accidents, bus accidents, and truck accidents.

Ted Jennings is a trial lawyer with more than 20 years of experience litigating complex cases, including medical malpractice and other catastrophic injury cases. He represents those who have been harmed by substandard medical care, product defects, and dangerous trucking companies, as well as the families of those whose deaths were caused by wrongful conduct. He joined Coplan & Crane in 2016 and was made a partner in the firm in 2017.

Ted has deep experience gained through litigating hundreds of cases. He is a designated “Super Lawyer” in Illinois and has been elected by his peers as a “Leading Lawyer” in personal injury and medical malpractice. He is a member of the Society of Trial Lawyers, the elite, invitation-only group of top trial lawyers in the area. He understands the complicated medical issues in injury cases and can explain them in court. He also has a developed network of medical and other experts to consult and testify on behalf of clients who have been injured.

Alexander Ktenas
Alexander Ktenas

Alexander Ktenas

According to our research Alexander Ktenas is a very prominent lawyer under The Chicago Car Accident Lawyers, which the Ktenas brothers founded with one goal in mind; to fight for victims injured in automobile accidents.

Alex began his career as a Prosecutor in both the Civil and criminal divisions.

Mr. Ktenas has conducted hundreds of trials in front of judges all over Chicago land and surrounding suburban areas. Mr. Ktenas has dedicated his whole life to ensuring that individuals get the help they need and also make sure they get the just compensation to make sure they are whole again.

Well there you go folks, list of some of the best car accident lawyers & firms in Chicago.

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