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Final Year Project

The final year project, as the name implies, is the project you must complete in your last year before graduating. If you don’t finish the final year project by the deadline, you won’t be able to graduate.
And just finishing the project by deadline is not enough, the final year project consists of the majority of credits for the last year, hence a below par project could heavily damage your CGPA. As you get into college you need to do many short-term projects and assignments that might not take a lot of time, but the final year project is very different.
The final year project, also known as the B. Tech project is the culmination of what you learnt during the four years of engineering and is also a great opportunity to showcase your skills to recruiter.
Your B. Tech project goes on for months and being such a huge project, it becomes an obvious addition to your resume, thereby sticking with you for the entirety of your career instead of just college years.

So comes to light when you are doing your final year project. But read here how it is helping students.


The first thing MNCs see in your resume is your projects, as it gives them a rough idea of your skills and how you apply them, the final year project will be your biggest project more often than not, hence making it as important as your internship and academic CGPA.
The final is a very important time as you are preparing for placements and further studies, but the final year project is time-consuming as well, and it can get very stressful especially if you are from the computer science department.

If you want to build an innovative B. Tech project and have a lack of idea or time to complete it by yourself, there are many professional services available in the market for your help and one of the best among them is

About the Website

This website is based in Austin, Texas and provides their services all around the globe. They are tailor made for your needs as they specialize only in final year projects, and at very affordable prices. The Final year project could be of two types, namely Hardware and Software. The website provides help with the software projects. Their team is made of professionals who have been in the industry for many years and have a working knowledge of the Innovative projects that will help you in obtaining excellent grades and standing out from others during placements.

They provide 24*7 customer care support and the company’s policy makes sure that the project s plagiarism free. They make sure that the final year project is as per your customization.

How It Works

You just need to fill the contact form and the company will contact you for the further details, they will be asking details about the project and any necessary files if required and then they’ll assign an expert to work on your project.

For the next step you’ll need to pay half the budget of the project (which is very rare for many companies as they take the complete amount upfront). As the service is new in the market the only form of payment they accept is through PayPal. And after the payment is done, they start working on your assignment and you’ll get the project before the deadline you set.

Services Provided

There are many Computer Science project services that this company provides, you do not have to choose from any limited options. Instead, you can give your own inputs for a customised final year project that suits your needs

If you do not have a proposal for final year project, the professionals will build that for you and the company will start the project once your professor gives the proposal a green flag. And if you already have an accepted proposal, they’ll start working on it right away.

They can even produce a report regarding the project for you when it is completed if you wish to have one. They will take up your project at any stage that you want and complete it.

You can go to their website and even look at the list of hot topics for your final year project which will help you to narrow down what you want to work on.

Charges will be determined by the project’s difficulty, deadline, and other factors.

Our Verdict

I was looking for a service that provides final year project within 4 weeks and as the project was a long term project which could easily take several months if done by oneself, I was not able to find anyone that will take the project until I came across this website which provides CS specific final year project help.

After filling the form with the necessary details, I got connected to a lady names Isabella who asked me for the specific details and my requirements and vision for the project. I was just done with the ideation of the project and haven’t put any tangible work in it yet, still I told her that I wanted it to be complete within a small span of 30 days.

After a few hours I got the call from the professional who was going to work on my project, his name was Dave and he was very friendly.

He asked me my requirements and plans about it and even gave me suggestions and some industry insights which helped me in improving my project in the ideation step itself.

During the entirety of time, he was working on the project, he was connected with me and asked me my opinions and if I wanted anything to go differently. I could not have asked anything better than the service they provided.

After 25 days my project was complete, which is a huge amount of time saved in the scheme of the things. A project that required four months on work was completed in 25 days, and that was the final deliverable after all the alterations and optimisations.

I got really good grades which helped in boosting my overall CGPA and also helped me in being shortlisted for a few interviews where this project was the major topic of discussion, and it was all because of

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