Best Lgbtq Discrimination Lawyers in New York

Best LGBTQ Discrimination Lawyers in New York, USA

Discrimination based on the sexual orientation is very common in different places and specially in a workplace. And if you have been in such a situation, you should know that you have the right to be treated equally and there are several laws and lawyers to protect you. This article helps you with some of the Best LGBTQ discrimination lawyers in New York. So that you can seek compensation for the violation of your rights.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the top attorneys to help you, and this article helps you get the fair idea of what you deserve and what you can expect in a LGBTQ discrimination lawsuit.

Your Right to be treated equally

Employers are prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL), and New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) from refusing to hire, employ, or otherwise discriminate in the terms, conditions, and privileges of employment based on an individual’s membership in a “protected class.”

Race, color, national origin, sex, religion, and/or disability are all protected classifications under Title VII. On June 15, 2020, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, that Title VII bars employers from firing employees simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you believe you have been subjected to workplace discrimination, you can submit a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which has stated that LGBTQ persons are protected under Title VII.

Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP

Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP
Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP

A trusted name for over 50 years, Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP is a full-service law firm providing counsel and representation in a variety of matters since 1969.

Vishnick McGovern Milizio is named one of the Best Law Firms in America by U.S. News & World Report–Best Lawyers, the Top Legal Firm of Long Island consecutively since 2019 by the Long Island Herald, and is a recipient of a Special Congressional Recognition.
VMM is also named among the Tri-State Area’s Top-Rated Lawyers by the New York Law Journal, in addition to New York Top Rated Lawyers in Real Estate Law, Trusts and Estates Law, and LGBTQ Representation.

They have a wire area of practice ranging from mergers and acquisitions, wills and trust, real estate litigation to LGBT representation.
Vishnick Mcgovern Milizio is one of the first law firms in the U.S. to establish an LGBTQ Representation practice.

They were the top-rated law firm in New York law journal for LGBTQ representation in 2020-22, included in Crain’s New York notable LGBTQ leaders and executive.

VMM provides pro bono legal education (free speaking engagements and training seminars) to groups, organizations, associations, and institutions in an array of legal issues facing the LGBTQ community, including:

  • Lectures, symposiums, CLEs, and other education opportunities regarding LGBTQ rights.
  • LGBTQ training programs for business and organization staff and school faculty and students.
  • Curriculum and guest lectures at academic institutions and educational organizations.

The Sanders firm PC

The Sanders Firm PC
The Sanders Firm PC

The sanders Firm PC is owned by Eric Sanders. They offer legal consultation services in the state of New York. The United States Constitution guarantees everyone certain rights, freedoms, and liberties. Their goal is to uphold these rights in any way they can.

The firm offers services according to your legal needs, their major practice areas include

  • Civil Rights – The Sanders Firm, P.C. focuses on all areas of civil rights law. The vast and diverse population of the metro region of New York demands services in all areas of civil rights law. These rights include Freedom of Speech, The Right to Vote, Due Process of Law, Equal Protection of the Laws, Protection from Discrimination.
  • Civil Service – If you feel you have an appeal related to civil service law, The Sanders Firm, P.C. will work with you to file and represent you throughout that appeal. Civil service law is a highly specialized field that requires experience as well as well as knowledge.
  • Criminal law – As opposed to civil law, criminal law involves actions related to crimes, including those that threaten, endanger, or impair the health, safety, and morale welfare of others. Criminal law regulates social conduct and involves punishing those who have committed offenses.
  • Discrimination – The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was adopted July 9, 1868, focuses on equal protection of the laws and rights of citizens. This amendment was adopted in order to reverse Black Codes, which were laws passed by various southern states that negated the rights of blacks. In essence, it disallowed individual states from countermanding rights granted by the Constitution. This includes protection from discrimination on the basis of sexuality.

Over the years, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) discrimination has become a major issue in the workplace as affected have asserted their rights under federal, state, and local laws. LGBT discrimination, which is also known as sexual orientation discrimination, is a form of gender bias.

If you have been the victim of LGBT discrimination, call The Sanders Firm, P.C. They will work with you systematically in pursuing your claim. After contacting them, they will review your claim and offer insights into possible courses of action that may be taken.

Derek Smith Law Group

Derek Smith Law Group
Derek Smith Law Group

Derek Smith Law group is a team of over 27 lawyers Serving all of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California & Florida, including former sex-crimes prosecutors and graduates of Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford University. They have obtained over $200 Million for their clients and over $1.6 million in LGBT discrimination cases.  They have also obtained the Largest Upheld Emotional Distress Verdict Ever in An Employment Law Case in The Entire United States.

Their practice areas include Sexual Harassment, Rape and Sexual Assault, Race Discrimination in the Workplace, Age Discrimination in the Workplace, Employment Law, Child Sexual Abuse, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Wage and Hour Law, Wrongful Termination, Workplace Retaliation, Whistleblower, Class Action Litigation, Gender/Sex Discrimination in the Workplace, Disability Discrimination in the Workplace, Color Discrimination in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment in Housing.

They are recognized by best lawyers 2022, are a BBB accredited business, member of national employers’ lawyers’ association and American association for justice.

Joseph & Norinsberg LLC

Joseph & Norinsberg LLC
Joseph & Norinsberg LLC

Joseph and Norinsberg LLC are New York City employment lawyers with over 20 years of experience and a 90% success rate. They are experienced in fighting for clients that have experienced workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and labor violations.

It is one of the leading law firms for LGBT discrimination, it is important to know that In addition to the protections under the Civil Rights Act, NY-based LGBTQ workers are protected under the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA) and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).

LGBTQ workers often face discrimination and hostility at their place of employment. In fact, 20 percent of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer have suffered from discrimination or harassment on the job or when applying for jobs.

The problem is even greater for LGBTQ people of color, who are 32 percent more likely to be discriminated against than their white counterparts. And transgender employees suffer additional types of discrimination, including accessibility to lavatories and deliberate misuse of pronouns when someone is referring to them in conversation or writing.

They’ve found from their previous cases that the leading ways of discrimination against LGBT are

  • Slurs and offensive jokes (57 percent)
  • Microaggressions (53 percent)
  • Sexual harassment (51 percent)
  • Violence (51 percent)
  • Harassment related to bathroom use (34 percent)

They have experience and positive track record for cases regarding discrimination against LGBT.

Lipsky Lowe LLP

Lipsky Lowe LLP
Lipsky Lowe LLP

With over 30-years of experience focused exclusively on employment law, Lipsky Lowe LLP, a premier NYC employment law firm, is the strength you need in your corner – no matter the employment issue. Their employment lawyers have extensive experience litigating all areas of employment law, negotiating settlements, drafting employment contracts, conducting prompt and effective investigations, and defending actions, as well as protecting employees from discrimination, unfair wage and hour practices, and wrongful termination.

Their Practice areas include

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment / Hostile Environment
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Retaliation / Whistleblowing
  • Employment and severance agreements
  • Wrongful termination

At the other end of the spectrum, they have also defended business clients against unfounded claims of LGBTQ discrimination and harassment, which often arise in unrelated employment disputes. Above all, they are dedicated to eradicating employment discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Outten and Golden

Outten & Golden LLP
Outten & Golden LLP

Outten & Golden LLP enjoys a strong national reputation for representing employees, executives and partners in all areas of employment law. From representing senior executives in contract negotiations, to protecting individuals’ civil rights in the workplace, Outten & Golden LLP is solely focused on the field of employment law.

Their practice areas include Appellate, Discrimination & Harassment, eDiscovery, Employment Contracts, Partnerships & Non-Compete Agreements, Executive Compensation, Benefits & Bonuses, International Employment Law, Layoffs & Closings, Leaves of Absence, Litigation & Class Actions, Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Privacy & Technology, Terminations, Separation Agreements & U-5s, Wage & Overtime, Whistleblowing & Retaliation

Outten & Golden represents clients with a broad range of work-related issues. Each of the practice areas, includes ‘sub-areas’ that illustrate the kinds of issues that arise under that practice area. People facing problems or transitions at work may well recognize their situations in one or more of the sub-areas under these practice areas.

Mansell Law

Mansell Law
Mansell Law

At Mansell Law, our Columbus, Ohio employment attorneys understand the hardship and humiliation that results from unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, a hostile work environment, and failure to pay overtime, wages or long-term disability benefits.

Their Columbus employment attorneys handle discrimination, retaliation, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, FMLA, ADA, disability discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, non-competes, severance agreements, employment contracts, and much more.

The firm has resolved multiple cases ins the discrimination sector with millions in compensation gained for the clients.

Risman and Risman

Risman and Risman
Risman and Risman

With over three decades combined experience in negotiating and litigating complex employment discrimination and employee rights claims and cases in New York City, the employment attorneys of Risman & Risman, P.C. have zealously and successfully represented their clients.

Their major practice areas include

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Wage and Hour Violations
  • Employment Agreement Disputes

Employees should also be aware of the fact that employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees for reporting any type of employment discrimination, filing a lawsuit due to employment discrimination, or for participating in an investigation of such employment discrimination.

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