Assignment Help Services Review

AssignmentHelpServices Review

What’s This Site All About?

Nowadays as we are aware of a lot of online services have emerged that specializes in helping an individual with their pending and unfinished assignment, specially the student population who for the most part ask for their help. Of course there are many reasons behind it, be it work or an busy schedule it is normal for an person to feel stressed out and tired and that is where we find the role of writing services, which helps the students by guiding them and by preparing an handout assignment or paper that eventually lessens their burden. AssignmentHelpServices similarly is thus an essay writing service (as we get the general idea from the name) with a team of more than 2500 experts, that ensures & helps students by giving them the best answers to all their queries related to their projects.

They also claim that their huge squad of certified Australian writers are capable enough to deal with any problems related to students. They provide they’re services in many vast fields. And after we researched thoroughly we found that they’re services are divided into six categories:- Writing Services, Assignment Help, Australian Help, Programming, Homework Help, Online Tutoring.

  • Under Writing services comes the factor of Essay, Research Paper, Thesis, Dissertations.
  • Under Assignment Help we found different prospect subjects like Engineering, Math, Science, Nursing, Accounting etc. upon where they offer they’re help.
  • Likewise we get the knowledge that they also provide they’re services under the prospect of programming, or any sought of homework and also offer online tutoring.  
  • They also claim that they’re experts ought to undergo several important pre-service and in-service training certificates and programs so that they stand capable enough to lend their knowledge and help to the students.


So after digging deep we get the knowledge that this website is not very popular amongst the student group. Very few seem to have use this service and even if they have there’s not much of an positive or negative remark left about this service or its performance, which kind of did seem suspicious because whatever few remarks the individuals posted about this site were all positive and very vague. Another crucial thing to point out, while going over the website we find that the outlook or we can say the design of the said site seemed very old and backdated. It wasn’t a very catchy one which is kind of important if you want individuals to go over the said page, above all it also lacked some needed information.

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The only critique site that rated this website is SiteJabber with only 3 reviews: – 5/5.

Though we did find some reviews posted in Facebook regarding the website but as mentioned before they were very vague and to the point, not very descriptive, the customers did not seem to share their full experience and every single of them seem to have a positive opinion about this service.

Customer Service

A very needed factor in every online service and business. Practically the root of every website and brand. Thus when we went over it, we found that the customer service of AssignmentHelpServices was indeed helpful and responsive. The website has also provided a piece of very clear information about how to communicate with them or connect with them along with the current location of their branches in different places. Not only that but through one of our contacts we get the knowledge that not only did he get to have good communication with the support team that responded instantly but also found a user-friendly environment.

  • They also provide 24/7 live help.
  • According to the website their support works round the clock, so that they can assist you with answering all your queries related to assignments.
Assignmenthelpservices price
Assignmenthelpservices pricing


Another very important aspect. Though after our research we get the knowledge that AssignmentHelpServices doesn’t offer any particular fixed price chart. To have a vague idea about it you have to first fill out they’re assignment form provided by the website after that you will need to have a conservation with they’re representative who will let you know about the needed fee required for your work.

  • Though one thing is clear that the price will solely be based on the academic level of your assignment and the deadline.
  • But it would be very convincing if they place an price chart in their website so that the clients can at least have some idea about their price system.
  • Anyway we get the knowledge from one our contact that the service charges is pretty fair and budget friendly for others. So you are welcome to use it.

Writing Quality

In every writing services the core responsibility falls upon the writers, since they’re are the one who prepare your assignment and makes sure that you get the best grade. So you’re completely depended on them when it  comes to it and their one simple mistake might be a big loss for you and that’s why it is very necessary that you have a clear conversation with your writer, let him/her know about what you exactly need, how you need it and try to be very precise about your instructions.

  • Well when we went over it thoroughly we found that though you cannot choose you writer in Assignment Help but you have the choice to keep a thorough communication and contact with your writer so you are able to keep an keen look on your progressing work through your writer.
  • We also found that there’s not a lot of information about the said writers in the website only the knowledge that the expert’s have PhD or Master degree and they claim to provide an unique and non-plagiarized work.
  • Another thing that we got to know from one of our contact is that the essay quality is mostly good and that the experts always tend to submit the work on time.

Our Verdict & Ratings

After deep discussion and conversation we came to the conclusion that AssignmentHelpServices still has a long a way to go. Though it doesn’t scam or lead people in the wrong direction but to gain recognition it yet had to work a lot. Specially on its webpage where some of the very crucial information are missing, information that assures people and clients otherwise it stands as suspicious to others. So based on that we would like to rate it 3/5.

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